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December 4, 2005, 6:24 pm

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Var Salok


A lich who is worshipped as a god.

Special Equipment:
Club of Teeth (aka Mages Bane) - a long club made of blackened wood studded with dragons teeth.  It confers immunity to lesser magics and if it hits a mage it saps spells from them. It also amplifies necromatic powers and makes it possiable to control large amounts of undead with little effort. It is cursed and will gradually twist the weilder to evil and covetous of power.


A skeleton who wears rich robes and an obsidian crown.


He was a great elven prince, as the legends tell. A warrior – mage of great ability who was the champion of the Elven peoples and slew the great dragon Blood Doom on the steps of the Tower of the Sun. He also pushed back the human expansion from Elven lands and established the boundaries of Sytgar claiming them for his people. He was just, honest, a little stiff in dealings with nonelves but still fair to all. He foresaw the eventual fall of his people and tried to rally them to prevent it. Thus whenever he heard of anything that might help his people he went looking for it.

One such item was the Club of Teeth or Mage’s Bane. Var Salok spent 50 years looking for the club and deep under the Iron Chain he came upon it and destroyed its guardian. Unfortunately when he took up the club, he took up its curse, an unquenchable thirst for power and evil. He gathered his supporters and tried to incite them to eliminate the humans who he now viewed as a scourge. His brother, the King, stepped in and told Var Salok to restrain his senseless rage. Var Salok grew mistrustful of his own people. He poisoned his brother and made a play for the throne, the people became divided some behind Var Salok, the rest behind his nephew Shataxis. A brief civil war erupted between the two factions until evidence was brought forward implicating Var Salok in the assassination. The war was over; Var Salok was tried by his newly crowned nephew and exiled from Sytgar.

Var Salok wandered the human lands for a time, apprenticing himself out to mages only to kill them and take their items. How he ended up in the swamps of Is Ish (lizardman for Black Lands) is unknown but it is thought he came upon two warring band of Salus (lizardmen). Var Salok decided to kill them, he incinerated one group with fire, the rest fell to their knees and began praying to him, calling him a terrible god. This amused him and he got an idea, the Salus were adept warriors and would make good servants, so he played up the god role and after 15 years had united most of the tribes under his rule as “God”.  He then formed the Salus up and attacked Sytgar. The war was fierce and lasted several months. In the final battle Var Salok strode through the fray and found King Shataxis. Uncle and nephew fought, but after a time Var Salok was killed by Shataxis. The Salus quickly carried their fallen god off the field and retreated back to the swamps.

There the body was left with all the shamans of all the tribes and at the end of 30 days of prayers, spells and ceremonies Var Salok awoke. He was now a lich. He at first was quiet upset at the transformation but quickly saw the potential, now he was immortal and he decided it was time to act like a true god. He set his people to building a city in the jungle and began training them to win the war in which he foresaw the finally downfall of the Elves. He taught them to read and how to wield magic. The Salus showed him all the flora and fauna of the jungle and how to brew them, which Var Salok put them to military and other more evil use. When he was ready he attacked. This time his forces marched effortlessly through the Sytgar but the humans who he had forgotten were much more powerful. Var Salok eventually withdrew back to the swamps.

In the last two millennia he has so adopted the “God” role he now truly believes it. He tolerates no impudence but also feels a great deal of love for his children now, who he sees as the perfect being and who have never questioned him or abandoned him or threatened him. The Salus truly believe he is their god, no Salus has betrayed Var Salok, or as they call him “Is –Thalis” (Salus for Black Skull), it is too ingrained in them not too. They just cannot even comprehend it. Var Salok now plans for a world where his children are the primary being with the other races eradicated or enslaved and he ruling all. His stockpile of troops and weapons are almost complete.

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Comments ( 3 )
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July 29, 2004, 11:24
Makes sense for a land with primitive lizard folk. Could make for a nice consistent antagonist from beginning to end of a campaign or a campaign twist with slight changes. I did something similar with Orcs. My players kept wading through Orcs like a hot knife through butter so I had them united under one Chieftain and gave them few levels in fighter and one level in barbarian depending on EL, except for the elite Orcs of the clan who are full barbarian (3.0). There first encountered after the unification of the clans was a surprise to them. Took time to setup but was worth the wait.
July 30, 2004, 2:19
I like it. I do not love it, but it is a good solid NPC for people to adapt to their games. One thumbs up.
Voted valadaar
November 27, 2012, 9:59
I like the simplicity of the idea of a lich being revered as a god. This one can easily be used.

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