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December 18, 2007, 11:55 am

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Valadaars Hall of Shame


A collection of my substandard subs as they were before being redone…

See the real subs.

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Karviseral is a Demon of Fear, demons who delight in bringing terror and horror to their victims. He will not unleash his special ability before already bringing his victims to sheer panic.


Full Description

This Demon appears a large, discolored, grossly fat man with a distended belly, and massive, over-muscles arms and legs.
The eyes are huge and bear no pupils or iris, just blank expanses of white. The arms end in hands armed with vicious talons like a bird of prey.

Karviseral is a Demon of Fear, demons who delight in bringing terror and horror to their victims. He will not unleash his special ability before already bringing his victims to sheer panic.

Diabolist have few reasons to summon Karviseral. He does not live up to pacts and has no such emotions as gratitude. He is best summoned into an enemy region to cause havoc. His mystic knowledge makes trying to contain him after summoning difficult. He will agree to anything to escape and preferably kill his summoners, but will only submit to spellcasters of overwhelming power.

Normal summoning will allow Karviseral only a few days in our world whereupon he will return to the Abyss. This is fortunate as while here his is relentless in his pursuit to kill and terrify.

Additional Information

When engaged in close combat, the Demon's abdomen will burst open and a swarm of intestine-like tendrils will emerge. It will use these to entangle victims to allow it to destroy them with talon and fang. He is easily as strong as a giant.

Karviseral is knowlagable in the Black arts to the point of recognizing spells and the proper way to combat them. He has no intention of killing with magic, only with physical force. He does has strong telekinetic abilities as well as the ability to assume a noxious, billowing blood-red gaseous form. While in this form he cannot cause injury, but can move very quickly and easily infiltrate most areas not heavily protected by magic. He will often use the telekinetic power to trap victims (lock doors, etc).

Karviseral can assume animal forms, but these are always discolored and bloated and retain his special attack form.
He does tend to assume creatures which are naturally bulky such as pigs, wild boars, hippopotamuses, etc.

« MoonHunter Sep 7, 2006 20:57 3.5/5 ( 0 )
Sorry for the duplication, but my comments are mostly the same. Why is this a lifeform rather than an NPC? It should have the freetext of "demon" to link it to the other demons.

I do the details on the exotic combat "technique". It is enough to be both a gross factor and a suprise to the characters. A good submission.
« manfred Sep 7, 2006 21:44 2.5/5 ( 0 )
Your common demon of fear, well described though. An okay submission.valadaar Sep 7, 2006 21:50 ( 0 )
Yep, this guy is an Evil(TM) demon. Your comment is fair. I was expecting this based on your comment on my other ..pet.

It is my intention that I use _no_ generic demons in my campaign - that all demons are hand-built (no Type X demons, etc.),named and never encountered randomly. All are specific and represent some dark element of the human mind or condition. I would like to share them, good or medocre, in case someone finds them useful.

Any suggestions to make him _less_ common?
manfred Sep 8, 2006 11:10 ( 0 )
Diffilcut question... it should be made more personable, but how?

Is there someone the demon wouldn't kill - children below a certain age, pregnant women, etc? Or something unexpected - eunuchs; madmen (not those he himself drives insane, but genuine ones to play with)?

What if he is summoned into a place without anything to kill (or 'cleaned' out a place himself...)? What does he do when no one observes - perhaps walks around in gentle melancholy, friendly to the little bugs and plants, indulging in some hobby... until a new victim comes within several miles from him. There ought to be a way for him to be contacted and reasoned with, even if the wizard would communicate over a long distance... the demon may be normally talked to perhaps, and even share a little of his knowledge.

Just a few ideas.

« Cheka Man Sep 7, 2006 22:15 3.0/5 ( 0 )
He's OK but not special.
« Murometz Sep 8, 2006 02:45 3.5/5 ( 0 )
« necromancer Sep 14, 2006 21:43 1.0/5 ( 0 )
« valadaar Sep 14, 2006 22:46 ( 0 )
K, I think I'm going to need to release a version 2.0 of this fellow.

Though in my mindset, Demons are hardly personable :)

Should be challange as this guy was meant as a horror-movie style terror.
« valadaar Sep 15, 2006 17:50 ( 0 )
Apart from deleting a submission and recreating one (which I am strongly considering with this one), is there any way to change the Category of a submission?manfred Sep 15, 2006 20:20 ( 0 )
Let's see what we can do for you...
Strolen Sep 16, 2006 00:41 ( 0 )
Updated to NPC. You can fix the subcategories as necessary.

« valadaar Dec 14, 2006 20:38 ( 0 )
Karv is due for a makeover in the near future!
« valadaar Dec 17, 2007 19:13

2007-12-18 11:55 AM » Link: [4671#33122|text]
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