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Melee Weapons
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August 12, 2007, 7:09 pm

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The finest cutting tool nanotechnology can offer! Used by the best surgeons and astronauts alike!

Tri-Scalpel or Carbo-Knife 3000 or…???

Full Item Description
Elegant design, an ergonomic handle, light weight, this knife will not disappoint you. Using the button on the side, you can pull out the blade, but what you see is only the protective back piece. Slightly moon-shaped, it curves around the real blade, invisible to the eye. Please resist the temptation to try its sharpness with your thumb - if you want to have it in one piece. Use scrap paper or other testing material to make yourself familiar with the knife. Before important work, it is strongly suggested to try a similar material, to see the knife’s reaction. It is extremely rare, that a blade would actually break, but it does bend easily, and becomes straight again, so apply the pressure lightly and evenly. Safety must be maintained at all times, of course.

For your information, the protective cover can be removed, and for some uses it is even necessary - but then will be the blade exposed from all sides, and still not visible to the unaided eye. Be extremely careful, when using the knife in this way, push out only the necessary length and retract it whenever not using it.

Composition and usage
The blade is a three-sided block; in each layer three atoms of carbon bound into a triangle, each atom bound to the layers above and below, making it a single, long molecule.

The scalpel is most typically used in microsurgery, but it can be expected anywhere a good cutting tool is required, and cost is not an issue (did I mention it is _quite_ expensive?).

The other uses
For ages untold (or at least decades), fans of the monofilament (the ‘monomolecular wire’) wanted to emulate this incredibly effective fictional tool (and weapon). Once nanotechnology started to provide similar products, many tried their luck, most of them failing utterly, and quite a few losing important body parts in the process. Swords or whips out of such a material are just plain dangerous to their wielder and anyone around; a short ‘knife’ is somewhat safer.

The scalpel made a successful career in many break-ins, and revolutionized the security industry. Any self-respecting company offers now effective solutions… they just don’t tend to share the nature and effectiveness of them.

It is said, that being stabbed by the knife doesn’t hurt at all, and it doesn’t create a wound. It is also said, that skilled torturers can hit nerve endings with it, and produce an unimaginable pain that would drive people insane… but that must be only a rumor.

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Cheka Man
October 24, 2008, 21:18
What if someone evil made a sword out of this so it would harm those who tried to use it?

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