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April 15, 2007, 11:18 pm

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Tower of Academic Aruspex


A building with a sign out front, “foretelling the future is for the birds”

For games set on The Disc or to add comedic flavor to your game

“Ah, you’ve come to see the birds”

The rickety tower looms over many of the houses and shops, reinforced by wooden beams and steel plates. The lower roof of the front entrance is painted white and purple the product of apparent droppings from above, many birds above calling the nooks and shaded outcroppings home. From many of the windows stick odds and ends, straw and string, used in the construction of countless nests, and at certain times, especially the spring, the cacophonous crash of numerous chirps, screeches, and whistles can be somewhat disturbing, but not for the wise and watchful keepers of the tower.

History of the Tower

Built before the great walls of the city went up, the tower was an important rookery. Home to the squadron of homing pigeons and carrier birds, and kept by Walt Hemin, a retired soldier and faithful servant to the monarchy. The tower had always had a special place in the politics of the world as the quickest means of communication in the old days, the birds that called it home held in great regard as well. Many wore tiny vests made by Hemin, with a back pocket sewn for larger messages.

The Tower Today

Keepers and Academics

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