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January 22, 2018, 9:26 am

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The Whips of Torturous Retribution


Demon hide Whips that will punish the wielder for injustices.

BACKGROUND: The 1st age was a generation of cruelty and torture among the lesser beings of society. Sadistic rulers relished in the torture and enslavement of their subjects for both practical reasons and entertainment. Laws were unreasonably harsh and punishments only the most cruel of demons could imagine.

Tired and angered by the endless cruelty and injustices committed by the mortal beings of the realm, a mighty deity came up with a solution to reform the attitudes of the people. Taking various demons captive, the deity flayed them alive and fashioned verious magical whips from their hides.

These magical pain dealing implements were then scattered across the realm to punish the people who would use them unjustly or for malice. It is not known exactly how many of these exist.

The Scourge of Torturous Justice:

DESCRIPTION: A well crafted scourge that consists of a hard handle wrapped in leather from which 9 long leather strands of 5 ft with a metal talon at the tip of each one and hard blood knots. The leather is of the hide of a sadistic demon who used to torture others. When used on a victim who is truly guilty of a major crime and depending on its nature and reasons for why said crime was committed, it will not do anything unusual. But if used unjustly or on an innocent victim, it will inflict the same wounds and pain on the true guilty party. Furthermore, if the wounds inflicted by the whip are fatal to the victim then the ones inflicted by the curse will also be fatal.

The Whip of the Master's Enslavement:

DESCRIPTION: An 8 ft bullwhip made of finely braided leather cut from the hide of a demon slave master. This can be found in the possession of a slave owner or one of the task masters that oversee the slaves. When it's use is truly justified and is reasonable, then it acts like any other bullwhip. However when it is used needlessly, excessively, or for sadistic amusement, then the slave owner and/or task master who uses it in that way will have painful nightmares in which the whip is used by the victim to inflict twice the amount of lashes on him/her with the same severity. These lashes will then be present on the body the next day. If the victim dies from his/her lashes then so will the ones who lashed the victim.

NOTE: Both whips can be used by anyone and its effects are relatively the same in a way. This is best used with sadistic NPCs or PCs. However if the user happens to also be masochistic, then the curse will probably not have that much of a negative effect. The curses are permanent and cannot be removed.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted Cheka Man
January 18, 2018, 21:42
Voted Scrasamax
January 21, 2018, 6:54
The concept of the weapon that wounds the wielder is generally an interesting one, and in this case, a highly suspect one.

I want to know the morality/alignment of these whips, because it says that if the victim of the whipping is being unjustly punished, then their assailant is likewise scourged.

If a slave attempts to flee, and is captured and returned for a judicious lashing to keep the rest of the slaves in line, will the whip respond?

Is his slavery unjust?
Is the whip indifferent to his status, and by breaking the law and attempting to escape, are his lashes earned?

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