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November 18, 2006, 3:29 am

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The Scavengers of the dammed


The scavengers of the Dammed

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Evil, ugly creatures of the dead.

Additional Information
These creatures are lost dead souls. Souls of the Forgotten. People who have given life. The scavengers of the Dammed are the minions of a creature called “Sen”. As ugly as anyone could think these scavengers hunt for more souls to devour everyday and night. These creatures can also invade dreams, possesses you’re body and are able to cross into the physical plain. People who give up their lives and wish to die, are soon enough to become a scavenger of the dammed. In the dark midst of the abyss is a castle of light. Within this castle is three gods of purity, and their protectors. The door to the castle are sealed shut by very powerful dark magic. They are sealed by the creature Sen. A million years has passed now. And soul after soul is being devoured. One of the three gods once said that “If you know somebody that is willing to die do not let them, cause that is how the scavengers grow stronger”. And if the scavengers become to strong soon enough our world will come to an end.

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Lord Kimahri
November 11, 2006, 22:25
Updated: A friend wante me to give it a little polish

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