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November 20, 2005, 9:52 am

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The Mystery of Cicero Talaten


The great mage Cicero Talaten and his family suddenly vanished one day two hundred years ago.  The bodies of his wife, daughter, and one of his sons were found on the grounds of his ancestral home.  But what of Talaten himself, or his other son?

From the Tomes of the School of Scholars

Cicero Talaten was one of the greatest mages of his time. The adopted son and heir apparent of the Archmagus Jared Asehan, Talaten was a man much beloved by those who knew him. He was said to be a kind man and a philanthropist, and was personally responsible for the treaty that ended the war between the kingdoms of Ritten and Caliska. He donated much of his great fortune to schools of magic and learning. He was a happily married man with two sons and a daughter. But all of that would soon change.
Archmagus Asehan, Talaten’s benefactor and mentor, suddenly vanished. His body was found a fortnight later in the domains of the Warlord Malaan. Talaten, now the Archmagus, was responsible for Malaan’s later defeat and death at the hands of the Dragons, the Army of Caliska. Warlord Malaan’s lover, the witch Morilyn Kilenta, swore vengance on the mage.
She was apparently not long in making good on that oath. A year after the battle in which Malaan was defeated, Talaten and his family vanished. The Talaten ancestral home was found abandoned and empty. Many of Talaten’s personal possessions had been destroyed. Many reliable witnesses said that the once merry house now projected a haunted air. It would seem obvious that the witch Morilyn had murdered Talaten and his family in retaliation for Warlord Malaan’s death. Indeed, the bodies of his wife and two of his three children were soon found on the grounds of the Talaten manor. But the body of Cicero Talaten himself, nor the body of his son Erik, was ever found. Some of Talaten’s contemporaries emphatically believed that Talaten would have been too powerful for Morilyn Kilenta to defeat.
So the question remains: what did become of Magician Cicero Talaten? Was he killed by a murderous witch? Was he ensorcelled, or did something else entirely happen? And what of his missing son Erik? Was he killed with the rest of his family or did he escape? Might he have had a more sinister role in the events surrounding the death and disappearance of the Talaten family?
These questions have never been answered. And now, two hundred years after the fact, it is unlikely that they ever will be. The only clues are the legends and rumors that still persist, and the long-abandoned Talaten mansion, which has developed a reputation as a badly haunted house. The witch Morilyn was eventually killed, and her castle has also remained abandoned, shunned as a place of evil. No one knows what answers, if any, might be found within the dark recesses of that great lump of stone. No one is anxious to go looking.

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Comments ( 9 )
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July 12, 2003, 22:56
An excellent plot! Perhaps if anyone goes to the depths of Morilyn's castle, they might find a ghostly Talaten still dueling with a equally ghostly Morilyn over the soul of Erik.
July 13, 2003, 2:37
We all know there has to be magikal mcguffins there to be had. Or portals to other places. So of course you have to brave it.

The entire broken and haunted place could of just been a ploy. Certain people might of needed to go "undercover" in an attempt to avoid the Witch's wrath. They magiked the place to appear haunted and shuttled themselves into a portrait of a mannor and lovely place, where the clan Talaten has aged only slightly, waiting for her Witch's vengence to wear out. The Witch, had reached the home and engraged that someone else had apparently killed them... broke some things in range and cast a terrible curse upon anyone of the Talaten bloodline that enters the keep/ grounds. (Of course if you take the portrait away from the grounds, the Talaten can emerge.)

One more thing, Jackie....
Of course the Current Archmage might have a problem being replaced by the wonderous Talaten.

And the Witch's decendents might try to follow up on their ancestor's curse.

Of course one of them will try to prevent that conveluting things more.

And perhaps Talaten is not as perfect as people said he was when he was dead, or as good.
July 17, 2003, 15:42
Just another witch hunt. Very good background, but that's it.
Ria Hawk
July 18, 2003, 21:13
Well, keep in mind that the witch may not have had anything to do with it. Most people think she did because of the way it happened, but there is no proof. Talaten's son Erik could have been responsible.
July 22, 2003, 8:56
what if the witch is the mother of Erik?
What if the witch is a demoness?
Erik could have to choice betwen his mortal blood and his demonic legacy...
It could be a great tragedy... the prelude of an antagonist...
Now I like it more... :)
PD: sorry for my bad english
Ria Hawk
July 23, 2003, 0:58
Interesting... Very interesting indeed.
July 23, 2003, 2:26
Hey, Alek! Your derisive comment claims that this is "just another witch hunt". Care to give us any examples of other witch hunts?
July 25, 2003, 11:55
It was not my intention to be derisive. If I sounded that way, Im sorry. Im not good in english, so I make some mistakes.
And about the plot. I did not like it, seemed very simple. But, as I said in a previous commentary, now that I read it better it seems that I hurried when judging it.
PD: Im VERY sorry for my bad english.
July 25, 2003, 14:42
We understand totally. Have an ice cream!

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