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January 19, 2007, 7:30 am

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The Green Sword


Unkh-quasti, the great Green Dragon has been defeated by an unknown hero. The hero died in that battle, but his sword remained…

They fought bravely. The Green Dragon was no match for the knight, because he fought with a magic sword, created a long time ago by Archmagus Theor, who hated the eternal good-evil war. There were runes written on it, but no one couldnt understand them. They said: Two enemys, one blood. The Archmagus gave it to two of his students, so they could decide which one of them would take it. It was clear to him, that they would fight for it. The good student was very defensive in the fight, and when the evil one started to be tired, he tried to cheat ant kill his enemy with the Mages sword, but Theor foreseen that and the sword itself dealt with the cheater. His blood never dried.

“How many good things I can do with it!” - the young knight started a crusade, and ended it in Unkh-quasti’s lair, the keep of greatest evil. After killing the dragon, the hero died because of the last poisonous gasp of the dragon. Then, the heroes blood fell on the sword. The blade became red, and the blood of the two students remained forever.

Now the sword is waiting for it’s next owner. Although it’s called The Green Sword, after the dragon, only its hilt is green, the blade is red, and seems to be covered in blood. It exists to destroy all good, or all evil. The sword likes straight alignment, hates neutrality - neutral travellers consider it as an ordinary sword.

Magical Properties:

One time at a day, you can call the dragons or the knights spirit, depending on your character:
-If you are evil, calling the evil students spirit your enemies will be surrounded by poisonous gas.
-If you are good, calling the good students spirit the sword will strike your enemies with a mighty roar, and they will run away horrified.

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Comments ( 9 )
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November 29, 2004, 14:39
Actually .. a good and decent item, with an intersting story, a tool of balance.
Less suited for campains where NPCs range all shades of gray,and the pure white and midnight black are rare.
I'd give a 3,5 - I rate a 3, and beg the next one who rates to improve his rating by one point...

What could prove interesting: whatif the sword collects all souls, or replaces those captured with new ones... if it kills one more time, the oldest victim is set free to travel to the afterlife, while the new one must dwell in it.
Also to be considered, what if only a good person can call upon a good victim and vice versa, or, for a twist, what if only a good person can call an evil victim? Who, reluctantly, must serve, to the letter of his master's wishes...
Barbarian Horde
November 29, 2004, 18:19
Ahhh, potential!
It is a refreshing and original item, only marred by a description that is too short and some minor spelling errors.

I'd give it a 3 with a potential for 4. But at EchoMirage's request I vote 4
Cheka Man
November 29, 2004, 19:00
3/5 A very good idea, a sword that likes to be held by a goody or a baddy.Very orginal.The back story could perhaps be a bit better, then it would be a 4/5.
November 29, 2004, 21:39
Balance sword. Alright. But was it just made by a wizard? I know I'm a stickler for this, but most of the time, I look for something a little more than "Archmage (insert name) created it", though at least you gave a reason.

November 30, 2004, 8:38
Big thanks guys, I didnt expect such rates on my first project :)
Voted Nocontrivedname
March 24, 2009, 23:30

So I am looking for a sword....the kind you can't use everyday. Powerful enough to justify questing for it to take down a big bad, but with enough limits to keep you from hanging on to it and/or using it all time.

This is not it.
This lame balance sword was not it. I hate that whole take on neutral that it wants to establish a balance between the two. HATE IT.

Voted RGTraynor
June 23, 2011, 8:12

Very munchkinesque.  This would have fit in perfectly well - typos and bad writing included - in D&D dungeoneering products circa 1978.  How sloppy is this?  Let me count the ways.

* No clear break between the past history and the original history.

* Why would using the sword in the original battle (which that manipulative bastard of an archmage set up in the first place) be considered "cheating?"  Exactly how were those students fighting - presumably to the death - otherwise?

* For a sword that purportedly seeks to strike a balance, it sure seems dedicated to punking out "evil."

* If no one's owned this after the "good" student, it's what, been sitting in that cave ever since?  Then who's been calling it the "Green Sword?"  Something that isn't in the public eye doesn't attract nicknames.

* The powers are completely munchkinesque.  Who would know to call the spirits in the sword?  Why would anyone imagine you could do that, without the metagaming info?

(Never mind that I hate alignment with a hot, heavy hate.)

Voted valadaar
June 18, 2013, 21:25
Heh, this item is old school - for good and ill. That said it is an improvement on many, though not stellar.

The powers are only as munchkin as you let it be - a one/day special effect is not atypical and there are much worse out there.

Voted Moonlake
June 21, 2013, 1:01
I'm with Echo on this, a 3 it is. This has potential but I don't vote on potentials, only how it is.

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