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April 17, 2011, 11:42 am

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The Firstborn - The Untold War


In a time before time, the creation of Baymaroen was primordial as all worlds are. Forces of energy clashing in a climactic font of brilliance to form the bedrock of the world. Silence issued forth for an eternity but lasting an instant. The appearance of the Firstborn was instantaneous. Life created itself from the cosmic essence left behind by creation. This is the story of the first war, the Untold War.

Seven siblings were formed from the very core of the molten earth, all different and distinct. They walked the lands and looked on what they saw and claimed what they could for their own. As all siblings do, they got along well. In the beginning. They took names and then separated to explore their domain. They were known as Adraghan, Daemon, Faeyi, Shaedow, Styarm, Tetian and Velkaryes.

Brother Adraghan was large and powerful, using the creation energy to harden his skin and giving himself wings to fly. He breath was molten like the worlds core and he would issue forth a blast to brighten the darkest of nights. His inner fire bronzed his hide and hardening it further, giving it a metallic shine of strength and power. He beat his mighty wings, taking flight, and caused the four winds across the world to stir.

Brother Daemon was menacing. He used his energy to also create himself wings like his larger brother, though these were smaller and failed to allow him to fly as far or fast. Instead he made his very body a weapon, elongating bones into spikes and talons. Fangs and horns, turning his skin dark red like the hearts blood. He trekked off to the west pulling the sun along with him causing day to turn to dusk.

Sister Faeyi was slight yet beautiful. Blond hair cascading down milky white shoulders to her curved back. Her face smooth and soft, and her skin glowed with an inner radiance. Her delicate hands and feet picking her way ever so angelically across the crust of the earth. She pulled the cosmic power into her and held it, learning from it. She knew that her siblings were dark and corrupt so she left them. She turned her hand to the ground and uplifted the soil springing forth a sprig of a tree. Brown and green in a so far dull landscape. She stepped through its boles and disappeared. In her wake though a forest of growth sprung from her passing and with the four winds blowing, seeds spread to the ends of the world.

Sister Saehdow was night as Faeyi was day. Her hair was bluish black, and where Faeyi's skin was milky white her was sickly pale. Almost death like. Her skin was taunt and added to her sickly appearance. She schemed and saw that she was not as powerful as her brothers and knew that her sister would fail to help in staying alive. So she gathered her power and learned the darker side. Finding ways to manipulate and control her brothers not realizing that they were too strong willed for her puny games. She took in the energy and pulled the shadows to her and stepped in and vanished and night fell on the world.

Brother Styarm is handsome and arrogant. Tall and strong, muscled and dark. His eye were a brilliant green that shone like the fires in the sun and his hair was golden. He sees his siblings as followers or retainers. Think they are subject to him and him alone. He knows he will battle them one day and plans for it with glee. Seeing his brothers and sisters trek off into the unknown world in a singular direction he desires to see it all at a glance. He gathers what energies that were close and lifted himself to the heavens hiding his purpose with mists. This mist grew and spread, forming the rain clouds that pelted the land below with its quenching kiss.

Brother Tetian was the largest of his brothers, standing above the mists that Styarm created to mask his leaving. He was simple in form but massive. Sitting on the crust he seemed like part of it himself in form. Grey and brown, jagged and smooth, all the same traits as the land around him. While his siblings thought him to be slow of wit because of his size he pondered what was to come. He gathered the energies flowing around him and used it to help him travel the world one large leap at a time. Where he landed large jagged peaks thrust up around him splitting water flows and blocking valleys. He knew his brothers would come to him first so he went to these new mountains and laid down to rest and gather strength.

Brother Velkaryes was similar in look to Styarm and had an affinity toward him that he didn't have for the others. Where is brother was dark of skin and fair of hair he was not. Velkaryes was light skinned but not pale like his sisters, and his hair was red like the suns rays above him. Being alone he thought to travel off as well and pulled the flows around him and grew wings. Not like the leathery wings of his larger brothers, but soft and supple wings of white feathers. He took flight into the air, flapping his powerful wings creating dust motes on the ground as he left. A few stray feathers fell from his wings as he took off and flitted to the crust below. Before they touched down however they burst into life and flew off in many directions chirping and cawing wildly.

When traveling the lands they found pockets of the cosmic energies that created them pooling in the crevices of the world, and they took it, used it. Creating more like themselves in their very image. All but one. One sister kept to herself and walked the crust endlessly, avidly avoiding her siblings. Seeing no threat, she was forgotten to walk her ceaseless trek.

Distrust of their siblings caused them to hide the pools they found and create more likenesses of themselves until they numbered in the hundreds, then thousands. They grew to immeasurable numbers until they had spent all of their hidden vats of power. They began squabbling over claimed land that belonged to their brothers or sister to gain access to more of this creation force, wanting to build defenses against their covetous siblings.

That was not enough and soon their ability for recreation of themselves was at an end. No more fonts of power could be found. The world was bled dry and beginning to show this loss, this emptiness that the Firstborn had taken for themselves. Without this power, this infusion of creation, other thoughts came to fruition. All the siblings and their kin were infused with this energy, so why not take it from them.

The sibling, already split, formed their armies and launched their anger furiously at their kin. No quarter was given and none was asked. Killing was no option, the destruction of body and soul was the only answer. When kin was destroyed, their bodies did indeed transform and dissipate into the very cosmic fabric of power they sought after. They grabbed this covetously and continued in their trek to control it all. Not all of it was claimed however and some fell back to the crust and bedrock of Baymaroen.

The battle was endless in time, lasting a millennia but seeming a heartbeat to the fallen. It was especially brutal for the Tetian, having his brothers Adraghan and Velkaryes eradicate their kin maliciously then turning on each other. He was correct when thinking they would come for him first, and they did. Only one of the Tetian survived and he fled to the boundless mountains at the edge of the world and slept, healing his wounds and dreaming.

The Adraghan and Velkaryes battled ferociously biting and clawing when powers failed. TheAdraghan were killed down to a few hundred and fled to the skies and the boundaries where their brothers could not reach. They clutched their wounds and soon battled each other trying to gain power to cultivate more of their own. Casting down husks of their bodies on the ground as eggs that did not grow. They cast these eggs aside refusing to admit their failed attempt and left them to spoil and rot. After their personal genocide they numbered only twelve.

The Velkaryes while victorious against their brothers Adraghan, suffered painful losses and were whittled down to fifteen. Seeing their losses and the err of their actions they cut the end finger from their left hands casting them to the crust below trying to remove their wickedness. This sacrifice, they said, was to prove they would give their life in the protection of Baymaroen. They flew to mid-realm where they watched the battle rage on and would soon come to proclaim themselves as protectors of the world.

The battle between the Daemon and the Styarm was most bloodthirsty. It was as if the heavens and the molten rock below clashed and bled. Trapped between the two the Saehdow were no match for the remorseless slaughter of their brothers. They limped away, only a handful, and slunk into the darkness and wept for their loss. Wept in fear and anger. Hatred welling up for the others who smote them into hiding among the darkness. And their shadowed tears fell to the earth blanketing the recesses in darkness.

The Daemon battled with fiery rage against the Styarm's thunder and lightning. They clashed and the heavens shook. The moons and planets screamed and fled always running away from the nightmare that was now Baymaroen. While the Daemon were primal, almost barbaric in their assault and rage, the Styarm were heartless. This was their world, they claimed it and they were the stronger. They lashed out with their powers of lightning, searing the Daemon and the crust below alike, searing patches of sand and soul turning it to glass and mud. And while the Daemon were more numerous, they fell as straw in the wind to their brothers ferocious might and they bled. Bled deep and unforgiving, caking the crust in bile and heat. A soup of death and sorrow. They fled to under-realm where they took claim beneath the crust where the world was hot and unforgiving. As was their inner fury.

And Faeyi, continued her trek. Walking among the groves of the world speaking with the crust and calling it home, calling it hers. Let her brothers and sisters fight over who claimed ownership, the crust knew who its mother was and it was her. Planting her seeds continuously.


This is the story of the first war, the Untold War. Their failure as creators bled life into a world destroyed and from their ashes came the second born. They rose from the death and decay and proclaimed the world as their own not being forced to give anything to the creators and living their lives as they could. However, born from the blood of the Gods, their trappings of mortal flesh still held the prejudices of eternity past. These beings are known as Kaur (Daemon-born), Dracaer (Adrahan-born), Threy (Faeyi-born), Shalari (Saehdow-born), Duavaet (Styarm-born), Tuauan (Tetian-born), and G'rar (Velkaryes-born).

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The Kaur - Daemonborn By: Mourngrymn ( Lifeforms ) Intelligent Species - Desert

The battle between the Daemon and the Styarm was most bloodthirsty. The Daemon battled with fiery rage against the Styarm's thunder and lightning. They clashed and the heavens shook. It was as if the heavens and the molten rock below clashed and bled.

That is a part of the tale of the Untold War. This is the beginning tale of the Kaur.

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The Shalari - SaehdowBorn By: Mourngrymn ( Lifeforms ) Intelligent Species - Other

Death cults, worshipers of dark powers, necromancers, and eaters of the dead. Individually these cults are horrible in society and the repercussions can have lasting effects on those they influence and affect. But what if that not just a small group tried to influence their belief on a people, but an entire people tried to use their belief to take over the world?

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Comments ( 12 )
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April 16, 2011, 1:11
Update: Special thanks to Muro, Pieh, Pariah, and AG and Mike for helping get some of the old creative juices flowing. More subs will be added to this soon as they are finished to finish and complete the sub.
Voted Old Dreamer
April 16, 2011, 7:40

I'd like to see more. Not in this sub but in future subs. Seems the different "powers" are fairly balanced but very creative. Will be interesting to see how the battles of the Untold War work into the world of mortals.

April 16, 2011, 8:57
These are the Firstborn, the creators (Gods) if you will. Or those that survived will be. The Secondborn are the mortals spawned by the creators ignorance. There will be seven posts to accompany thins one.
Voted Pariah
April 16, 2011, 10:01

I too can't wait to see more of this grandiose new world you're populating.  Great job with this one, and glad to see you've renounced your vow of lurkitude. :D

Voted Murometz
April 16, 2011, 12:56

Yes, welcome back from the lurkitude, Mourn!  This is a fine mythological tale. Vivid and visceral. I am also looking forward to more on Newdamia! :)

The Kaur's duality fascinates me as mentioned in chat last night!

Also, really like this passage...And Faeyi, continued her trek. Walking among the groves of the world speaking with the crust and calling it home, calling it hers. Let her brothers and sisters fight over who claimed ownership, the crust knew who its mother was and it was her. Planting her seeds continuously.

Michael Jotne Slayer
April 18, 2011, 11:11
Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
April 18, 2011, 11:21

A lot of juicy sentences and vivid descriptions come together and forms this visceral mythos. And it does not bog down in boring details as these stories sometimes does.

Good job Mourn, and, glad to still have you on-board.

Voted MysticMoon
April 19, 2011, 15:33

A good start. I especially like the physical descriptions and personalities. I look forward to reading more.

Voted Pieh
April 21, 2011, 15:08

Excellent creation myth. It brings a single to tear to me eye for each fallen Creator being. Keep going!

January 23, 2012, 20:05

I really like this one.  


A general question why do we, I am guilty of it, write creation myths or mythology in this ponderous vague tone with a passive voice?  

Voted axlerowes
January 23, 2012, 20:05

I really like this one.  


A general question why do we, I am guilty of it, write creation myths or mythology in this ponderous vague tone with a passive voice?  

January 29, 2012, 20:31

I am not sure. I think it adds more hushed tones of doom inspiring meaning underlying the fact that we are to lazy to write in great detail... but that could just be me. :)



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