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June 1, 2007, 6:23 pm

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The Dreamweaver Affair


(Recommended avg. Hero lvl: 10-13)The heros find that either a peasant went insane and killed the mayor/king/other high ranking official and says that the “Man in his dreams” made him do it, or, simply the high-ranking official died in his sleep for no apparent reason.

The heros find that either a peasant went insane and killed the mayor/king/other high ranking official and says that the “Man in his dreams” made him do it, or, simply the high-ranking official died in his sleep for no apparent reason. Have this continue until you have the person who caused it (via the spells Dream and/or Nightmare. Then, the heros must somehow meet the person who did do it, (and know he did it, or at least that he’s hostile) but you’re all good DMs, you can find a way.
P.S. You May want to have the DreamWeaver get away, (for example: Dreamweaver makes an illusory duplicate of himself, Heros chase down the dupicate, who jumps off a cliff, and after all, who wants to go down to check?) so you can do The Castle , a.k.a. Dreamweaver’s Revenge, another good plot.

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Comments ( 8 )
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November 25, 2002, 21:42
I like where you are going with this. To be less game specific, can you tell us what those two spells do? I think that will make the plot a lot more clear.

I even like seperating it from spells and having a "Freddy Krugar" type monster loose. I will have to think about this one a little and add some more later. Good idea builder!
November 26, 2002, 2:00
There's an implied gist of what those spells do, something suitable can be made up to fit the campaign or moment.

An interesting problem for the players to overcome could be that the dream killer could be very far away indeed, but then would it be a wizard in the employ of a rival nation's politician, or could it be a politician themself?

Hmmm. Intrigue ensues.

Or perhaps a closer to home intrigue, say a "seer" or other mystic who is flexing her muscles for favors. Nobles consult her, she says "I'll get back to you after I counsult my dreams", she decides whether or not she wants them to do whatever and tells them either its kosher or "I see you dying in my dreams". If the players are present at one of these seances (sp?) they might gain a valuable clue, or make themselves a target.
December 9, 2002, 15:40
Sorry 'bout that Strolen. What I was thinkning was a dream spell, (D&D spell lists, where the person recieving the dream gets a message from the caster, but in this case, they are sent a vision and awake in a room with the rack, red hot pincers, casket w/ spikes inside, the works.) only this form of the spell is independently researched plus a quasi-real source of damage, (question: are dreams REALLY just figments of our imagination?) and if the subject convinces themselves the dream is unreal, naturally, they only take 1/5 damage.
December 19, 2002, 6:16
Dreams cannot hurt you, everyone knows that. If you are a lord and a leader, you cannot complain from such trivial things as bad dreams. But such dreams do exhaust and when you try not to dream, what a victim will, you will get weaker and when you finally are forced to sleep... the dream may really hurt you.

The dreamweaver would have to be close to the victims, for how does he know when they sleep? A simple way of protection would be to sleep in the day. Unless it is Freddy of course...
December 19, 2002, 16:58
Absolutly right, dreams can't hurt you. In the real world. Probally the point of the spell being imagical/i and falling outside known laws.

As for when the target sleeps, the spell may be triggered by the person sleeping or the caster can use some diviniation or the classic crystal ball to keep tabs on the target. The crystal ball would make a nice smoking gun for the players to discover when the caster is revealed. "Why exactly is the Baron tuned to you cyrstal ball, Madam?"

Of course, these details can vary from dm to dm depending on who's runnning it, which makes the plot that much more versitile.
Ria Hawk
December 20, 2002, 0:03
Of course, all of this assumes that the Dreamweaver is intentionally doing all of this. What if it's an accident, or the Dreamweaver has no control over it? Could be a madman (or someone people think is mad). Who would pay attention to someone like that if they told what was happening? Or it could be a child with spooky pyschic powers or something, and doesn't really understand what is happening. Or the Dreamweaver could have no knowledge of the problem at all. But this, of course, does not rule out someone who does know what is happening and using it to their own advantage. I like Nefarious Plots by Shadowy Malignant Figures.
Voted valadaar
May 18, 2011, 19:03
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Voted Moonlake
May 26, 2013, 20:24
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