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November 24, 2005, 6:06 pm

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The Bachta-Toad Amulet


Mask Behind the Sky carved away all of his stillness to create his Bachta-Toad-Amulet…

Mask Behind the Sky is a spirit of wind and fog and constant movement. He was not always as mobile, though.
Mask Behind the Sky carved away his own stillness to sculpt the Bachta-Toad Amulet. Because he had no stillness left, he could not stop moving, jumping, leaping. But because the Bachta-Toad Amulet contained all his stillness, he could not move when he placed it on his ankle. Try as he might, all the weighty stillness that composed his bauble would not allow him to jump and leap as he wished. Since he could not move on the outside, his movement went inside, and he was filled with pain as his innards leapt about in his chest. He tried to lift the Bachta-Toad Amulet from his ankle, to still the pain, but its stillness surpassed his strength.
Mask Behind the Sky screamed and screamed until another spirit heard him, a spirit of war called Most Puissant Black Dragon. Most Puissant Black Dragon had a magic sword, which defeated all positives, for it was itself forged from negative principles. He raised his sword and struck the stillness of the sword, cleaving it with anti-stillness from Mask Behind the Sky’s ankle.
Then, Most Puissant Black Dragon used his enormous strength to heave the Bachta-Toad Amulet away. Where it landed, its stillness formed the stone of the earth, a base upon which water rained down. But that is another story.


The Bachta-Toad Amulet is a strange figurine of a squatting toad, strung on a line of golden beads. The toad-figure is made of void-black, rough-feeling material.
The Bachta-Toad Amulet is a bizarre object that is kept in a temple that forest barbarians keep to their strange gods.

Magical Properties:

The Bachta-Toad Amulet is impossibly heavy for such a small object. It cannot be picked up or dragged, except by one with heroic might.
With the right incantations, one may channel the amulet’s singular inanimity into another object or being, rendering the target immobile while the power lasts. After a while, the immobility returns to the Bachta-Toad Amulet.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Pirate Penguin
March 6, 2004, 21:33
Thats Crazy, but cool.
Voted Mourngrymn
February 16, 2007, 16:03
I actually took off .5 for the odd way it was written. One large paragraph. But otherwise it is a great myth and basis for creation. This can fit into quite a few tribal mythologies. I like it.
Voted valadaar
February 3, 2016, 10:52
Odd. Interesting. Simple. Good!

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The Jiangsi under the control of a corpse herder were quite harmless, merely hopping after him, silently and without complaint, for weeks and months. If however, the magicked parchment would somehow be removed from their faces, the creatures would immediately seek living humans to kill. Their thirst for Qi was unquenchable.

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