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November 5, 2005, 5:42 pm

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Shkur-Lotan the Boiled


Shunned and exiled, Shkur-Lotan the Boiled seeks to engulf the world in flesh-scalding steam.

Special Equipment:

The Cauldron of Hatred


This Sahaugin(Shark-man)has blood-red, blistered portions all over his body, including half of his face. His limbs and hands especially are scarred by fire and heat. His flesh is not the greenish aquamarine of normal Sahaugin flesh, but is instead a sickened gray color. He carries the Cauldron of Hatred on a chain at his hip.


In the great undersea wars of the Sahaugin and the Merfolk, there was once a Sahaugin city-state known as Shrugatl, and it’s king was known as Slasz-Mahtahnl. A servant of the dark powers of evil and a summoner of demons, Slasz-Mahtahnl sought a way to destroy all Merfolk forever. He committed great atrocities against the Merfolk, including mass feasts of Merfolk flesh, the torturing and devouring by demons of Merfolk children before their parents, magically pinning Merfolk to rocks above the ocean until their amphibious powers wore out and they died for lack of water,  the re-animation of dead Merfolk soldiers for use against their living kinsmen,and placing Merfolk in special ovens of scalding water to boil them to death, which he took particular glee in. But his victories were small and the armies of the city of Shrugatl were not endless. When the walls of his city fell, the Merfolk, being a just but vengeful people, took the snarling Slasz-Mahtahnl to the boiling vats where he had slain so many of their kinsfolk. Slasz-Mahtahnl’s screams echoed throughout the ruins of the city. They thought him dead, but as he boiled, so did his insane rage. The rising from the boiling pit, flesh still bubbling from the heat, he cast down every Merfolk in the city with fell magics. Insane with anger and pain, he floundered through the undersea canyons until he came upon the wreck of an elven caraval. Crawling through the wreckage of the boat he discovered the Cauldron of Hatred, clutched in the hands of the elven warrior who had died to protect it. He has taken the name Shkur-Lotan, and is called also the Boiled One.He rules now a kingdom of undead: Sailors he has sunk, the dead Merfolk, his own dead kind. In his fury, he has transfered his hatred of Merfolk to all the world. With the help of the Cauldron, he believes that he can have his vengeance sated by boiling the entire world. Steam and fire are his weapons and it seems that few can stop him in his mad quest for ultimate destruction.

Roleplaying Notes:

-He is stark raving mad and will try to kill anyone who enters his kingdom. He uses many undead and demons.
-He takes sadistic glee in boiling, scalding, or burning anything and he keeps magical flames lit throughout his dark city, flames so hot that the water cannot extinguish them.

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Comments ( 5 )
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November 5, 2005, 17:41
1125 views and no comments. People voted on it and didn't make a comment. What is up with that?
Voted Murometz
March 2, 2006, 13:12
The 'Boiled Boiler'!

Its a bit cliche as far as his background, but the "boiling" makes him stand out from the throng of "wronged, and ticked off baddies"

*glances at his boiling mug of tea in a whole new way*
March 2, 2006, 22:30
This is really quite bad, actually.
March 2, 2006, 22:35
like I sort of said, it can be lots better. But I like the boiled/boils others part. So thats almost all I need for inspiration to make up the rest myself. Feeling inspired, makes me give decent vote.
Voted valadaar
October 5, 2006, 12:20
It does bring me in mind of an Aquatic Freddie Kruger, minus the metal claws...

Think it does make a useful sea-based boogyman.

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