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August 5, 2007, 4:58 pm

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Sergeant Dranus Breilan


A Watch Officer tasked with combatting gangs throughout the city. His network of contacts is remarkable.


Dranus is of a reasonable height and bland appearance, neither handsome nor ugly. He bears no large scars, and wears his hair in the typical fashion. The most noticeable things about him are his uniform and his helmet, for he believes in the saying ‘Better safe than sorry.’


Sergeant Breilan is the watchman in charge of stopping gang warfare in the city. As in so many large population centers, here gangs run rampant in many of the poor sections, and when two meet, often only one leaves.

For Dranus, the only member of the force to know of Darian’s services, finding one of these dead is a perfect opportunity. He simply lugs the corpse over to the Mausoleum and gets Darian to let him interrogate it. In this way, Dranus constantly learns the hideouts and members of each of the city’s major gangs. And of course, Dranus gets large discounts from Darian - not only is Darian always willing to help the authorities, but city ordinance says that, technically, Darian’s activities constitute grave-robbing, and both Dranus and Darian know it.

Special Equipment

Darian carries his badge and a nightstick. When he thinks it necessary, he carries the halberd allowed him by his station.

Roleplaying Notes

Dranus spends most of his time working, and if interrupted, he can be gruff and sarcastic. Nonetheless, those under him respect him immensely, for he is neither cruel nor unnecessarily violent. His men have longer life-expectancies than would be expected, given their careers.

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