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July 3, 2007, 8:34 pm

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Sen was once a mare creature of kindness and purity. As his days went on as he was a child, he meet the most beautiful girl he had ever meet. But with what he was he knew that by law he could not have her. His lust for her grew stronger and stronger by each passing day. Until he found a glinch in the laws of the land. "If a creature is of roality in any way, then the creature is aloud to love whom he wishies upon". So Sen then grew for power. As each day kept passing by, the crowds of people would grow stronger and in more numbers, to complain that the light in thye land was not beening shared across everyone evenly. As no one would face up to the darkness and no one wanted to claim the leadership of the people, Sen saw his true love in the crowds of people. With his eyes fixed upon her heavily, Sen stooded from the crowd and said "I will lead these people"........

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Sen was a kind and very genrous child. Even though his bloodline was of the Hybrids, he still was raised by humans. At birth his mother abanned him for his saftey. Upon a late stromy night the village of Hybrids was attacked.

Additional Information
Sen the ruler of the Abyss and the creature leader of the Army of darkness. Once he claimed his place in the Army of Darkness he grew more powerful everyday. He and his followers of darkness almost turned the Land of Light into a land of his own, in the meanwhile having control over the Abyss. Legend says that once the two lands of light and darkness(the Abyss) are controlled by one force then the first land(our land) is destroyed. Sen however thinks that controlling both the lands he is able to Access the first. If by chance he did then all would come to an end. The six children of light along with their powers are the only ones now that can destroy this evil creature. By restoring the Land of Singing Angels, the Farplane and the Den of Wo and obtaining the Wand of Hope, The Sword of Light and The Staff of Destiny will this finally come to ease. But at any will Sen is not determined to lose his kingdoms to anyone.

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