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February 12, 2012, 6:32 pm

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Roack's Ravissant Recension of Reindeer, Rocs, and Rabbits


From the size of your toenail, to the size of three hundred men, beasts roam all parts of the world. The sands of Tarran are home to many of these, noble, proud beasts slathered in lore and eras long forgotten…

This section is reserved for credit, thank yous, and miscellaneous information.

Nobody - Thrivval Idea, you can find the post I derived it from here:,2790.msg38111.html#msg38111

Chaosmark, Wulfhere and Valadaar - Help inspiring the new title.

Large jellyfish or elephant beings that suck the water out of cacti (kudos to Captain penguin for the Idea Seed)

Additional Ideas (2)

Conchyliated Rat, Rattus Ostrea The Conchyliated Rat, or Clam-head Rat, stands 10 cm at the shoulder. Its body is a meter long, with a tail three times that. Unlike their black, furry bodies, Their heads are covered with something akin to mollusk-like shells, excepting the eyes, and terminating in a cruelly hooked beak. This shell, often barbarically and incorrectly referred to as the rat's skull, can be cracked open to reveal lustrous, iridescent nacre. In far off lands, the rats have begun to be de-beaked, and farmed to feed the ever growing hunger for clam-headed jewelery.


2005-12-03 02:07 AM » Link: [1874#8968|text]

Thrivval (THRIV-val): Uncannily resembling a cross between a duck and a pinecone, the Thrivval lairs in misty swamps and wetlands. Their eggtooth never atrophies, eventually devoloping into a diminutive horn. The Thrivval's feathers have adapted into the hard, bony ridges that protect it from predators. Thrivvals burrow in the mudbanks near streams, using their shovel-like wings. They then stick their highly sensitive eggtooth out of the mud, and should any animal pass within a few feet, the Thrivval bursts out, rushing in to bite it. This often leads them to bite the feet of travellers with their sharp beaks, earning them the nickname "Toe eaters," among colonists. Because of their abundance in and around humans, many Thrivval-related proucts have been devoloped. Thrivval-plate boots are now high fashion, and their wings make perfect gardening tools. The Thrivval has also become a popular subject in children's stories, often portraying the "grumpy old man" character.


2005-12-07 06:49 PM » Link: [1874#9273|text]
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Comments ( 2 )
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April 11, 2006, 9:42
Cant wait for this one!
February 3, 2007, 20:07
Ooo! This looks to be quite interesting...Roack! Live again and post!


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