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January 15, 2006, 11:21 am

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A totally throw away .. cannon fodder ..shove it in the mouth of the monster and run for it type of character. Useful though for ‘taken with a pound of salt’ information and running small unsavory errands.

Ratnose TheTroll,Esq.,Large bodied and shambling on bandy legs,  slinks into a (lowclass generic)tavern, wearing a flea-hopping bit of scurfy hide and a large brimmed hat with a dispirited purple feather. He squints at everyone through slitty little yellow eyes while sneering..arrghh..perlite folk ain’t ye?


Born on the outskirts of a squalid village that was later burned to the ground to expel the fleas that had infested it,  RatNose was abandoned at an early age by his slattern of a mother, who claimed she had ‘prospects’ which were being frightened off by her ugly son. Undaunted by this lack of maternal nurturing, Ratnose was soon a common sight about the garbage strewn streets of the home village, fighting for his share and often winning due to his biting. Even the least of his questionable playmates was intimidated by the protruding fangs of Ratnose. Obsequious to any that he sensed were his elders and betters and also much larger than he, he was able to eventually earn a scant living by running errands for the local cheesy bad guys. THis led to new horizons and he graduated to deeds of stealth and backstabbing, rolling travelers, and cheating at craps games. Still alive, remarkably enough he survived his teens, Joining a bandit crew that preyed on the solitary and poorly guarded caravans after his village was burned he spent some time perfecting his skills as an ambusher and murderer of the innocent. Harried from this comfortable niche by a company of enraged militia..he was not cast down but decided that prospects were looking up, a change of climate was in order and he traveled to a large port city where the news was always good..hanging around the lower sort of tavern he got wind of various plots and plans and insinuated himself into any of them that might increase his own personal fortunes, by hook or by crook..he prefers the less perilous to his person crook part.

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Comments ( 2 )
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August 22, 2004, 21:47
lol,Rat nose is now a Legendary hero!
January 15, 2006, 11:23
Everyone starts off at 1st rank/ beginner some time, on their way to greatness.

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