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October 31, 2005, 4:24 pm

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Quatre O'Malen


Quatr O’Malen is not your normal man. The fable lover of the Raven and the legendary Beastmaster may not look formible but who needs to when you’re the Beastmaster

Special Equipment:


This interdimensional man often dresses similair to a Jedi but tends to crack jokes like that of Spiderman. This 90 year old man doesn’t look a bit over twenty-five. Though his crimson-black hai has faded into a steel gray and white, he is quite handsome with amber eyes and tanned skin.
His temper is moderate, but short when enraged. Not one of the stronger fighters in battle, his speed and endurance make up for. His wide-spread knowlegde of mechanics of magic and many types of lore makes him the ideal ‘guide’ for a group of adventures.
He has the tendency to bump his his index finger against his mouth when he is thinking. In battle, you’d find him chewing on the inside of his cheek since his hands are busy. That and sometimes joke at the wrong time.


Born on Earth(Altentive).
See entry for Raven.

Roleplaying Notes:

Know mecanhics of magic, so he can often dianose curses and undo magic traps.
Can speak with animals.
Knows many lores.(GM desicion on what he doesn’t know)

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Voted Mourngrymn
December 9, 2005, 10:21
Ok, I found this to be lackluster. To many comments of, he does this like this person, he is similar to this, and so on. Please describe those similarities as if they were his personally. His lack of background is disappointing. A 90 year old man who looks 25 can be interesting as I once had an NPC who was close to 800 years old and looked 70 but was healthly and nimble like an 18 year old. It can be done. But give a reason why he is that old but looks so young.

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