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January 15, 2006, 12:41 pm

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Nojgh Fangswarn


This Half-Feind can charm snakes of all kinds…Even Nagas!

Special Equipment:

Ring Of Snake Charming


Hidden under nondescript brown clothing is a bald man-like being with many daggers on his person. The only thing that might give him away is his serpent tongue and fangs, so most of the time he pretends he can’t speak. He writes very well and can ‘Be a Scribe’.


This Villain has always gotten off his plots on the wrong foot. Foiled again and again, his reputation for falure grew among his clansmen faster than reality, and he found himself sent on a long, long reconasance that basically amouted to exile.
It was at this low point that he was acousted by goblins and fell into a pit full of snakes. It was to his great fortune that he found the Ring of Snake Charming on a skeletal hand impailed on a spike. He eventually got out and sent snakes to vist the goblins.
Currently he is starting a ‘Cult of the Serpents’ while being a mild mannered dumb scribe, with some success.

Roleplaying Notes:

This Character is a capable Assassin, just unlucky. This usually means that he gets caught in the act, not that the act is fouled. He now uses snakes to cover retreats!

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Comments ( 3 )
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October 2, 2002, 17:28
I like the unlucky flaw in the character. Pretty interesting idea as well, having him start a cult to follow him. Found an obvious natural talent and combined with the ring made him a natural in controlling the snakes. The kind of folk he would be involved with would be natural followers. In time, they could cause a lot of trouble.

I can see using him as a side plot in a city adventure to liven up an otherwise normal restocking trip.
January 20, 2003, 14:38
Maybe he wants to find that great serpent that eats his own tail. He could be useing an image of it for his cult and now want the real thing. Maybe has some belief that the venom or something will make him and/or his followers immortal.

Also, maybe he's not alone in his cult leadership. he might have found a Naga female to be quite attractive and they are married now. Can't be a Naga on being cuddlely when then can snuggle all around you...
May 11, 2005, 7:31
Not he, but the ring can charm them.. an interesting thing would be if the RING was sentient and charmed HIM, as he is part snake, and was using him. Otherwise, bland...

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