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July 11, 2009, 5:09 am

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Paranoid of the future; longing for the past, Niandra needs a new master.

Special Equipment:

globe of bondage: This is a small black orb. It is meant to be thrown at an intended opponent, breaking open with Its inner fluid spinning a partial coccoon around the victim. This lasts for a duration of 1d10 initiative rounds and then it recedes off of him and gels back into its original structure.


Niandra stands 5 feet tall, and weighs approximately 135 pounds. Hairless, she is covered in a deep blue, and very dense, blubbery skin like that of a dolphin, while still possessing a rather alluring human form. A flexible mesh of flesh spans between her taloned fingers and toes. This webbing assists in swimming. Small suction cups cover her hand and feet permitting her to easily climb any normal surface area- wet or dry.


Born in the city of Ishtar, during the great purge war- when nation-fought-nation and the races sought to eliminate one another- Niandra is a tool in an important trade.

Though raised in the confines of slavery, Niandra was . Her home was in one of the breeding grounds of the Iron Will deep under the city streets.

The Iron Will is mixture of competitive, wealthy elite whose trade is the creation and breeding of physically altered, fused and mutated beings (genetic alchemy) for sell, or personal employment. It is in their labratories, deep under the streets of Ishtar, that they develop their tools, and plot their plans. Niandra is one of those creations.

Developed for infiltrating organizations, collecting information and performing assassinations, Niandra is well educated in the elvish, dwarven, and common languages, being able to read and write them as well. She can play the harp, tamba drums and flute. She is also educated in drama, cooking, horseback riding, and proper etticate. All thought was given towards the development of skills that would assist her in any given task.

She is also trained in combat. She is an adept pugilist, good with knives, staves, darts and bows. With the study of acrobatics, she has learned to take full advantage of her athleticism.

 She was trained to take orders from one source

unlesss she is portraying a victim. The Master Taught her to act, forge signatures and documents, observe her surroundings for escape routes and possible trouble, and to perform surveillance upon a character of interest. Bribing is also a method she uses. Her proficiencies are knives, darts, crossbows and staffs, and is a trained pugilist.

Niandra and the master worked very well together and plied most of their services with an assassins guild (cloaked in fury). They were able to identify and kill informants and double agents of the guild. Niandra stumbled upon some damning information about the guild. She became too dangerous.

Ranking members of the cloak decided to hire her for an assassination attempt. It was for a magician and needed to be carried out on a specific night- a moment of opportunity. Upon trapping her mark, she quickly found herself being beaten by numerous thugs; too many to count. They laid her upon the floor and magically banished her away from their dimension to our own.

Roleplaying Notes:

Without a master, Niandra has no direction; no focal point for her abilities. She needs one that can dominate her life and provide constant stability in an unknown world. Until this time, she will roam aimlessly gathering information and slaying those that represent victims from her past.

A master is selected by her, she cannot be forced to submit to a new master, it must be by her choice.

1. acidic venom: Biting an individual causes a venom to enter into his system. This venom causes the bodies fluids to corrupt and mutate into an acid that turns all of the victims inner organs into a slush that she consumes. The outer shell of the victim- skin, hair, nails, etc.- somehow remain intact. She uses the skin as a suit and puts it on to walk amongst other races. The transformation is almost seamless.
2. confusion: By placing her suction cup hands upon an opponents head, she is able to scramble his mind into a blur of thoughts and converastions. This lasts for 1d12 rounds and the opponent remembers nothing.

This amphibious beast knows no modesty and never shies away from anothers glance. Love is not a pliable emotion. all she desires is to perform her given tasks. She may, though, find herself, in heat and eventually mate with another.

She is very adaptive to her surroundings and is able to learn and fluently speak a language within a couple weeks of observation.

The skin of an opponent is vital for her to remain hidden in society and to hide from the sun during the day. Without a hide to wear she will dehydrate and eventually die from overexposure.

The original owner, or some other guild may be seeking to obtain her. In which case, they would use any means to get her.

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Comments ( 4 )
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June 7, 2003, 18:55
This character reminds me of a creature from Star Trek for some reason. =) Hmmm... I think this character needs just a little more personality and down sides. Other than that it's immaginative and kool I think. =) I like it. Imagine if she found her way to medieval times or feudal Japan? I think your next character will be better though. Don't disapoint this newb. =)
June 9, 2003, 3:37
Well, I wrote this in a matter of two days. I really like the concept of her weaknesses: no personality, subservient, physical appearance and the suns death rays.

Before Niandra takes a victim, she studies them personally and socially. This is so that conversation and everyday interaction with others is dictated by the victims habits and historical knowledge. Other victims are taken just for the food, or to get close to the actual mark.

She has never been free and, as a puppy in need of an owner, she desires the comfort of the leash. Niandra conforms to the wishes of her master. Thus, between the commands from authority and the portrayal of victims, her actual self is a blur.

At 6 feet and 145 pounds, Niandra is not a character that will be physically overpowering. She must grapple her oppponents to use her abilities. Also, her appearance is unique, making Niandra easily identifiable. She must go out of her way not to be seen when on a mission. And lets not forget about the sun being able to shrivel her like a prune.

I hope this helps, and thanx.
June 15, 2003, 3:56
It does help. Although, I must say, I love characters with alot of personality. I like how this character is at loss with her self, though. It's hard to say... This character has alot of open ends to her, but in this case that's a good thing. It gives the GM alot to work with. This is a good character, but as I said, your next character will be better. =) That isn't meant as a bad thing, that just means that I think you can make good, complex characters. Make another one soon, I want to read on it. =)
Voted Silveressa
December 24, 2008, 23:40
An interesting creature, and definitely useful as the hired muscle or enforcer for a main villain.

I'm not so sure about her height of 6 feet though, since this would preclude her from wearing the skins of most people, especially women. (The average female human is around 5' 4.")

Still a nice solid sub, although a few plot hooks and a bit more development of her personality would help make the sub even better. 3/5


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