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September 24, 2008, 3:01 pm

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New Cannan -- Border


We came in on low burn. There was a lot of glitter in the space. You could see all the scattered material. The nav sensor just turned red and blinked that "I’m broken" icon. We stopped . One of the Buoys floated by the windscreen. My brothers name was on that buoy.

a Firefly system

New Canna was a world with a thriving agricultural colony, one that actually seemed to move beyond the normal pre-1900s lack of energy and technology that plague most Dropped Colonies. It was a great place full of happy, pacifistic, and religious people. Theirs was an odd sect of the common religion.  They would take in anyone who needed help. Unfortunately, they took in some of the wrong people. Sure they were refugees, but they were the civilians supporting rebels. Only the civilians came to the planet. Lack of knowledge brought doom upon the peaceful people.

New Cannan is best known for the Battle of New Cannan.

The Ships of the Rebel Fleet were floating around the system, mostly around the Asteroid Belt. The Refugees had been dropped off on New Cannan for safety. Now The Rebel Fleet was going to repair, regroup, and move on. They were leaving in two days.

Unfortunately they weren’t able to. The 4th Fleet caught them cold.

I won’t go into the details, but it was the largest and bloodiest ship battle known to current history.

New Cannan became a wrecked world, as power cores exploded as the ship hulks began to burn up entering the atmosphere. Wave Motion Guns often missed the ship or squadron targets. They hit the planet. Then the air to air combat or near orbit fighting just added more damage. Within two weeks there were no happy, pacifistic, religious people on the planet, or refugees either, or even sinners, they had all gone to see The Maker.

New Cannan’s system is now a navigation hazard. It is filled with hulks, high speed debris, free floating power cores, unstable coils, space mines, and left over photon torpedos. Some people think they can salvage in the system. Most people who do, died due to pings of high speed debris or some high energy reaction. They just add more issues to the outer rim of the system.

The system is surrounded by Nav buoys warning people away. Each Buoy has a plaque commemorating those who died in this battle (their ships mostly). Though it should be noted that someone has gone in and bolted on a list of the rebel ships that ended their service in that battle.

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