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January 16, 2010, 10:38 pm

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Nenni-0036.2 is a slight, even tiny Oraki, who has taken for herself the mantle of the cat who walks alone.

Standing barely a hair over 1.5m, with cool, silvered skin and jet black hair, Nenni is essentially a miniature of her own kind, bearing barely 350 kilograms on her tiny, dense frame.

Despite this exotic coloration, her face is strikingly regular, even pretty, though her narrow features peculiarly feline in composition, with a slender nose and pointed chin, accented by a set of long, narrow canine teeth, and slit, reflective golden eyes.

Peculiarly, she prefers colorful clothing, often a bright color dappled with spots or stripes of a darker color, in a strangely cat-like pattern.

Born well after the brief war known as the Trial of Blood and Fire, while the children of Sanctuary pursued alliance with the human worlds, the young girl had a great deal of time to be a child, quite unlike the earlier generations of the Oraki. And in that childhood, she came upon the works of an ancient human writer, by the name of Kipling. While she knew the works could not be true, she felt the story with in them to be valuable, and saw in them, a reflection of what she wished to be, and from that reflection she named herself. She would be the Cat Who Walked Alone.  

And taking up that name, she took up the puzzles and stories, and from them, she learned many a trick, and her mind was nimble enough for her to devise ruses of her own making. It was long into her self-training as a con-woman and trickster that she would meet Peregrene, and successfully ensnare him, into accepting her as one of his own soldiers, without the usual bondage. It would be with a rueful expression that he would admit his surprise and defeat, and accept the offer.

Now, Nenni acts as the face for his unit, earning them passage and materiel that they should never be able to obtain.

Roleplaying Notes
Nenni is, first and foremost, a deal maker. Her sentences are slippery and confusing, save where they are traps, and her words are as sweet as honey. Only her own arrogance can trap her in negotiation.

On the very, very rare occasion that Nenni is forced to fight, she will fight much as a small cat of prey might fight a larger beast, slashing and tearing at its flanks with her long claws, and attempting, at all costs, to take the foe’s back. Still, despite her lithe quickness and the durability bestowed by her metallic constitution, she is no great fighter, and will seek to withdraw to the shadows to strike from them whenever possible. Surprisingly, this is often aided by her choice of clothing, which breaks the lines of her body and helps her blend into the shadows cast by the environment.

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Voted valadaar
October 30, 2007, 15:14
Okay, as a minor character, this is quite good. I seem to be more used to the major characters these days, so I passed over voting.

A little Anime in feel (though I think that was your intent), but it does conjure up a clear image.


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