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June 21, 2006, 2:43 am

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Nahrem, God of the Crossroads


Place holder… Dark god of the crossroads, sorcerors, and highwaymen

Dark god of the crossroads, patron of sorcerors, witches, and highwaymen
His emblems are night-mist, crossroads, a body hung from a dead tree, and a skull with a purple bandanna across it’s mouth.
An informal religion- Nahrem makes his presence known, and thus requires no priesthood. Most of his worshippers are highwaymen and bandits, who make offerings to him out of fear.
Sacrafices to Nahrem- blood in a shallow dish or a strangled white dog at the crossroads.

A skeleton figure wearing a dark robe and cape, with a purple bandanna across it’s face and sparks of fire in it’s eyes. It carries a mirror and a flintlock pistol (?).

I don’t know what to do with this… Could use some discussion

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June 21, 2006, 14:56
For a symbol, I would use a sword or another older weapon, hinting at a much older tradition of higway robbery (OK, a sword may not be the best choice). A flintlock pistol, or the handle of it, may be hinted behind the belt, to show that he is always ready to use a good tool. But the main symbol should be older.

I would see him as a god of freedom whose priesthood was destroyed, the worship continued by the poor and dispossessed, hunted by those in power, and they eventually became highwaymen.

"The land belongs to no king or church, it is free until you take it. I have taken his crossroads as mine, but you have violated its boundaries... and now you will pay the toll." - a sentence that may have been uttered centuries ago. The bandits of today are much less noble in their speech. :)

The god should have a positive aspect - resourcefullness, cunning, and luck. But beware his wrath, if you draw his ire. For the world around, the worship could be in a tiny way positive, bringing a codex of values for things that should never be done - killing children or pregnant women; a strict but brief list. On the other hand, the 'religion' supports the outlaws in their activities, and sometimes they have supernatural luck. No wonder it is outlawed everywhere.

All the nice things aside, this is a dark god, conned by the mortals, and mocked by his fellows. No one will build him a temple and worship him, no one will ask for his wisdom. The rugged criminals, the only ones who show some respect, do it only to steal from others. He may aid them now and then, but that's about it. If you ask for a lot you may recieve more than you can carry...

Once again, don't anger him.

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