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December 3, 2009, 12:35 am

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World beset by an everlasting darkness, plagued by the undead.  Dead goddess wakes the Earth, smiting those she will, and the last scattered rementents of humanity flee into subterranian fortresses.  Due to the lack of sunlight, plant life has died off and an eternal winter has set on the world, as if darkness wasn't enough...

3c's x_ _

Themes and Images:
Darkness, Undead, post-apocolyptic fantasy, catholic church, persecution of mages

Worlds Specs:
Standard fantasy world, earthlike, located in psuedo-european area

Species adapted to the darkness, mushrooms, things from the caves and underdark areas

Hard to come by processed goods, magic items in the hands of the Enemy and generally frown upon by the Church, some Holy Relics available.

Cultural Overview:
The people live in caves and underground fortresses, fighting for their lives everyday against the armies of the Dark Mother.  Hard bitten people that turn to faith as their only solace against the eternal darkness

The Church
-The Clergy
-The Warders of the Dark
-The Arm of the God
Local leaders rule as despots, endorsed by the Church

Laws and Morals:
Strict Judeo-Christian moral law enforced, Sharia law

Living in the warrens people live in close proximity with their extended family, often everyone you know is related to you somehow or another, girls are traded away as property to other families for nessecities.

Social classes:
the church
the unwashed masses
--Adventurers fall outside of this 3 class system, often view with distaste or outright hatred by the upper two, and viewed with fear by the lower.

Political Power:
Might makes right

Single church w/ extreme power over the masses,
worships a LN god

none, above ground is controles by Enemy, and it's nearly impossible to drive a wagon through a cave...

Arts/ Literature:
The Cants, the holy book of the Church of the New Sun

Law is non-existant past where the light of the church, and the torches of the despot end, so smuggling, slavery, ect common between 'towns' and organized crime is a part of everyday life

Clerical/Holy magic is endorsed by the church, and all other types of magic users are hunted and burned at the stake.

Collection of my braindump of new setting...



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The Canticles of the Damned By: Pariah ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - Specific

"Fear not this new night, my brothers, the terrors of an everlasting darkness are as nothing when compared to the darkness in Man's heart.  For, who among you knows what Man might do when Hunger sleeps in his bed and Famine is his child's only playmate?" --Prelude

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The Church of the New Sun By: Pariah ( Society/ Organizations ) Religious - World Wide

Worship of the God may cleanse one's soul, but it is only by scourging the impurities from one's self that we might hope to cleanse the body. -Preludes, the Cants

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The Dark Mother By: Pariah ( NPCs ) Major - Mystical

And in those days Man sought to set himself above the God, and sought out ancient evils to bind them to his cause.  Delving into the deepest abyss they brought forth She from whom all inequities flow, bound in the depths before the beginning of time to suffer for her sins.

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