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June 26, 2007, 3:44 pm

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Lucint's Blood Amulet


Even an evil genius can make a mistake…..or two.

Excerpt from the journal of Lucint

Page one: ...Killing the demons wasn’t the hard part it was collecting their blood in a cauldron of sorts. After a bit of boiling and the proper reagents are added though my power will increase tenfold! The amulet will be the greatest work I have ever completed! But the time for keeping such records will come, for now there is much work to be done.

Page two: After three days of work things seem to be going flawlessly. Though I doubt leaving my imp in charge of the project whilst I write this is a wise idea, he could not possibly be so incompetent as too destroy my work. And even if he is a fool I could desperately use the break. Though I doubt this will last long…...Curse my paranoia!

Page three: Well my worst fears have come true. The imp is such a fool that he could not follow the instructions "stir the cauldron and make sure the fire does not die down". Because some of the blood coagulated I had to get some more, a purpose the imp was more than suited for. At least he found a use in death. I now doubt the amulet will be half as strong as I had planned. Such a waste…..such a catastrophic waste. Should the amulet be totally faulty I can just send it through a portal and be done with it.

Magical Properties:

Lucint’s amulet was supposed to bring great power to a spellcaster. Instead it does just about the opposite.
When a spellcaster dons this amulet all of his spells are turned into harmless versions of themselves. That dreaded fireball becomes a warm summer breeze. The massive demon that was summoned turns into a harmless furry creature.

Even spells the do not harm others are rendered useless. The healing spells just give a person a dull numbing of the pain. Spells used to increase a mans capabilities will just make him think he is stronger.

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted Cheka Man
June 9, 2005, 16:42
Interesting. When the amulet is taken off how long does the effect last? Maybe spells appear to work as they are meant to, in the eyes of the caster? 3/5
June 9, 2005, 16:49
I was thinking have the effects end when the amulet is removed.
So naturally a smart man would remove it immediatly. That is if he doesn't think the spell simply failed.

Having it appear to work from the casters point of view is an interesting idea. Though I'm sure he would be a bit confused as to why an enemies hair is blowing when a fireball smashed into him. He would also look insane to his allies and enemies alike.
Voted Dragon Lord
June 10, 2005, 8:53
Hmmm... interesting idea

I like the idea that the wearer thinks his spell still work - explains why he doesn't simply remove it

Might be an effective way of controlling that troublesome mage who's always disrupting your parties - simply give him this amulet and he is transformed into the (unwitting) court jester

Overall I quite like this one - 4/5

Just goes to show - a post doesn't need to be long to be good, just thought provoking
Voted Anteaus
June 11, 2005, 12:36
Good post. I love the excerpts from the records and it is a very good and interesting item. Good Work.
Voted OmegaDraco
August 28, 2012, 16:52
Good item. Very easy to incorporate. Lots of potential for fun. The excerpts are a really cool backstory approach. A good twist would be that the amulet makes the wearer feel more powerful. That would make the wearer keep it on longer and want to try new things with it, but a PC is likely to be mad at wasting so much effort once he/she realizes that it was a dud.
Voted valadaar
May 15, 2013, 10:50
A nice, simple item which can be tossed in pretty much anywhere.

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