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October 28, 2005, 12:27 pm

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Licarathia was always more at home in the woods than she was at her house.  So maybe the secret she had wasn’t all that surprising.

Special Equipment:

Not much.  She dislikes having to carry much around.


She’s a medium sized woman, with long hair that’s a curious shade of gray.  There’s probably something vaguely elven in her ancestry.  She tends to be very alert.


‘Cara was raised out in the middle of nowhere by her very peculiar uncle, because her parents had died when she was a baby.  There were many dark rumors about him, and many people spoke in whispers when he was around.  Many felt sorry for his little niece.  But she never thought anything was amiss.  At least, not until the night she saw him change, for he was a werewolf.  But he wasn’t an ordinary werewolf.  He knew exactly what he was, and he could control himself.  Later, when he realized she had seen him, he explained things to her.  Lycanthropy ran in her father’s family apparently.  ‘Cara’s grandfather had had it, as had an aunt she never met.  It had somehow missed her father.  Her uncle explained that she was quite likely to have it too.  At first, she was understandably distraught, but when she calmed down, she saw it from his point of view. 
Not a year later, she began showing signs of the family secret.  But it was very odd.  Every other member of her family who had it turned at the full moon, like most lycanthropes, and they were always wolves.  ‘Cara turned at the new moon, and was a gray fox.  (Her fur was the same shade as her hair.)  Other than that, there wasn’t much difference.
She developed a strong preference to being out in the woods by herself.  It’s not that she doesn’t like people, she just likes nature better.  Once she’s decided someone is her friend, she will help them if she can, no matter what.
Her hearing and sense of smell is better than the average human’s, and she’s a good deal stronger than she looks like she should be.  She’s also much more sensitive to things like magic or the supernatural.  She is allergic to silver, and doesn’t like horses.

Roleplaying Notes:

She will attempt to avoid people around the new moon so that she is not discovered.  She does have complete control over herself while in fox form, and will help those she considers friends if she can.  However, she only has vague memories of what happens while she’s a fox.
She hasn’t seen her uncle in years, but she might want to try to keep in touch.

Possible hooks:
The heroes have been asked to stop a wolf that has been terrorising the populace.  The wolf is really a werewolf.  Depending on the situation, the heroes might ask around and find ‘Cara quite knowledgeable, or she may volunteer information about how to kill it.

Someone has found out ‘Cara’s uncle, and she wants to protect him.  But how does one convince a convienient group of heroes to save a werewolf?

A previously unknown reletive pops up, and starts causing trouble.  ‘Cara might well try to talk him or her out of it, but should that fail, she will try other means.  She loves her family, and has a certain loyalty to the weres, but she won’t let them endanger innocent people.

Someone has found ‘Cara herself out, and has approached the heroes with that knowledge, doubtlessly portraying her as a mad killer.  She won’t be easy to catch, because she’s so different from the average were, and if they do catch her, will they believe what they were told?

The heroes are investigating someone doing Bad Stuff, most likely magical, and so they’re looking for someone who can A. tell them about it, or B. help them find it.  ‘Cara might be able to help, given her heightened sensitivity.  But what happens when they find out why she’s so sensetive to things like that?

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Comments ( 4 )
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November 4, 2003, 16:43
I love the fact that you have a character that is both akin to elves and that loves the forest. And also, when with her, the heroes while have to speak quickly before she transforms. Best i'ves seen in a long time. I ador
Voted punkcasher
March 17, 2009, 1:30
Great post, Background needs better sentence structure, but very interesting over all.

Voted valadaar
July 10, 2014, 14:40
I like her, though I might switch the odd hair color to being at most a streak, otherwise it pretty much telegraphs her status, especially if they see the fox as some point.

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