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February 24, 2012, 8:33 pm

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Kiriszikiolokeki (Kerry- ZEE-key-O-lo-KEH-key)


The Immortal Philosopher Parrot-Sages, unless you prefer Kiriszikiolokeki.

How the birds fooled the world into thinking that they perished in the Great Conflagration of 4024.

The parrot-sages were *almost* "re-discovered" again in 4452, when a ship-wrecked sailor happened upon their verdant island jungle. The wide-eyed sailor stared and listened to the parrot-sages speak and introduce themselves, letting him in on their great secret, and how they had the world fooled into thinking they all went up in flames in the Great Library Conflagration centuries past, then the salt-maddened castaway simply grabbed the closest parrot around its scrawny neck and proceeded to butcher it with the intent of finally eating something after many weeks lost at sea. The other parrots squawked in astonishment and protest, but to no avail. Serjhajan-ahn-Tanakor was ignobly plucked and spitted on a stick of bamboo only moments later. The parrot-sages would not have this, and plotted on how to slay this vile, horrid man-thing. They finally got him to careen down the side of a cliff, shrouded with vegetation, by dive-bombing and pestering him as he ran away.


A Brief History

Their tragic tale is only slightly different from King Kongs.


The Facts

They are not actually immortal, but have two-thousand year life-spans.

Besides understanding and speaking most of the world's known languages, the parrot-sages have developed their own tongue over the eons, and it must be said that this language, as any decent linguist would no doubt attest to, is the richest, most expressive and complex language ever recorded in history. The parrots intelligence scale in fact, begins where the human scale reaches its upper limits.

The parrot-sages outlook towards humans (though not necessarily the other two-legged but longer-lived races such as elves or dwarves), varies, but usually falls in somewhere between spectacular disinterest and active loathing. Only rarely (and usually in the grip of extreme boredom) would they help any knowledge-seeker *now* (*ever since the unfortunate parrot-sage library "incident" and the Great Conflagration and the affair of the ship-wrecked sailor who ate Serjhajan-ahn-Tanakor.)

Their is talk, only talk, but you never know, that one parrot-sage exists yet in the world, apart from the small community now found only on "the isle". This poor creature with the intelligence and knowledge of a hundred wise-men, is rumored to be the caged, maltreated, captor of a foul and ambitious half-orc general, intent on world-conquest.


A word on Breeding

The parrot-sages number less than fifty in the wild, hidden away on "the isle". Of those, exactly half are female. The parrot sages are mated monogamous pairs. They mate once in their respective life-times. The female gives birth to a single chick, after an incubation period of sixteen years.

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March 1, 2012, 21:03

stupid parrot-sages, die!!!

September 22, 2012, 1:19
I'm nuts.
October 16, 2012, 21:15
Someone help me with this. I want to make them epic.
October 17, 2012, 16:30
September 20, 2013, 22:32


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