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Ranged Weapons



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December 19, 2008, 6:46 pm

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Kinetic Force Projector


The primary weapon of the Fulminator mk. I

Full Item Description
The Kinetic Force Projector is a large bore weapon that converts large amounts of energy into direct kinetic force. The throat of the projector is an alloy of iron, nickel, vanadium, and trace amounts of germanium. The main discharge appears as a dimming of light that has a shadowy like form and is hazed with blue and purple light.

The KFP was intended to be a replacement for hydraulic stamp presses, able to recycle faster and with greater force. SuperCorp attempted to steal the project from it’s R&D department and transfer it over to Weapons Development. Dr. James Fulman, the head of the KFP project was outraged and attempted to thwart the transfer. His attempt was a failure and the Doctor was quickly fired from the company, and was placed under criminal investigation. Though he was later cleared of charges of espianoge, sabotage, embezzlement, and extortion, no other company would hire him.

After the departure of Dr. Fulman, the KFP project ground to a halt, and the few samples built were later cannibalized for parts for other projects. The SuperCorp R&D team isnt sure what the Doc did to the prototypes and his notes, but none of his inventions seem to work now.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The Kinetic Force Projector is able to produce large amounts of direct force without usage of ammunition or physical discharge. At short range, the projector can shatter reinforced concrete like glass, throw cars with child like ease, and punch holes through armor plate. This power dimishes rapidly the further away from the projector the target is. Range can be gained by narrowing the discharge focus, but it is still a short range weapon. Anything more than a few hundred feet away is safe from the projector.

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