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August 26, 2007, 1:55 pm

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The price was high - and it may be higher. But is all worth it for the magic…


Kadarin is a rather non-descript young man of 20 years.  He is tall, slightly underweight and has the pallor of one who has spent too much time in front of books and out of the sun.  Generally quiet and unimposing, this is further reinforced by the drab grey robe he wears.  His bear head sports a crown of generally disheveled black hair, and grey blue eyes look out from under the disordered bangs.


Magecraft was not the vocation those who knew Kadarin would have expected him to follow. Born of a poor family, he spent much time on the streets, supplementing his family’s mean income however he could manage.  Blessed by quick hands and an even quicker wit,he taught learned slight of hand, and some other lessons, with some help from Ashala, an entertainer, and fellow street-rat. 

Raiding the garbage pits outside various businesses, he managed to assemble a lab, of sorts, in his parent’s root-cellar. There he performed many ‘experiments’ whose end product was generally dead rats and insects, though one incident left a stench in the cellar that lasted for days..

Real magic, Kadarin thought, was a door closed to him. 

Amused by his nephew’s skills, Kadarin’s uncle, a local ‘businessman’ with many links to organized crime, sponsored Kadarin into true magic studies.  With his uncle as a patron, he quickly excelled in his training.  He did, however, come out with a rather large debt with his Uncle.  When asked, his uncle simply said "Don’t worry, when the time comes, I’m sure you’ll pay me back.  We have plans."  He would not elaborate further, and Kadarin did not press the matter.

Now Kadarin is obsessed with settling accounts with his uncle, on his own terms.  He fears that the payment will cost him more than gold, as he knows his uncle is not a good man.  Kadarin wants to accumulate enough gold to cancel his debt before his uncle names his price….

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Name: Kadarin
Player: Valadaar
Class: Magic User(Mage) 5
Race: Human


Str 10
Dex 15 (1 point bonus to AC)
Con 13
Int 16
Wis 9
Cha 12

Saving throws

Paralyz./Poison/Death Magic: 14
Petrif./Poly: 13
rod, staff, wand: 11
Breath Weapon: 15
Spell: 12

Weapon Skills:
(you're kidding, right?)

Other Skills:

Prestigitation (non-magic)


Common (written and spoken)
K'tonian (written and spoken)
Ancient K'tonian (written)

HP - 7/7
AC 2 ( Base 5 (bracers), (-2) Ring Prot +2 1 Dex (AC 2),

THAC0 - 20
Current XP -
For Next level -

2006-10-02 08:18 PM » Link: [3151#20072|text]
Spells known:

Read Magic
Armor (Unearthed arcana - AC 8 until damaged)
Comprehend Languages
Magic Missile,
Unseen Servant,
Burning Hands,
Read Languages,
Shocking Grasp,


Aganazzar’s Scorcher,
Wizard Lock,
Dimension Door,
Locate Object


Fireball, Feign Death, Slow

4th level -

Polymorph (Other), Evard’s Black Tentacles, Plant Growth

2006-10-02 08:20 PM » Link: [3151#20073|text]

Dull Grey Robes(worn)
Leather boots
Bright Blue robes (carried)
Leather pack
Bedroll & blanket
Spell book
Components pouch
Backup componets pouch(hidden in robe lining)
Paper & charcoal
Number of small vials with stoppers

Metal-shod (both ends) oaken staff.(d6, but -5 due to non-prof)
Sling & 12 carefully selected stones (1d4 dmg)
2 Heavy lead bullets for sling(2d5 dmg)

Ring of Protection +2 (From Uncle)

Scroll with 4 spells, 2- 3rd, 2-4th 1-5th (fireball, protection from normal missiles, wall of ice, stone-skin)

Vambraces of Defense (AC 5), usable by anyone even mages(!)

1 scroll w/5 spells. Dimension Door x2, Locate Object x2, Plant Growth
Shrunken Spellbook (functional but shrunk to 1/12th size)
Thick, glass, Jar of ooze (instant demodand, just add water?)
Scroll of something (language not understood by anyone present)

2006-10-02 08:20 PM » Link: [3151#20074|text]
Standing Orders Table

Surprise Attack - Toss staff to attacker. Take cover, including using other persons
Basic Attack - Will take cover behind other persons/objects as available. Will fire sling stones when clear of immediate threat.
Attack of Opportunity - If at sling range, will fire, otherwise help others. Spells too precious to use without direct thought
Injured - Scream and run
Injury - Apply direct pressure and hope it wasn't the cleric who dropped.
Special - Will ALWAYS try and figure something out in the situation at hand before acting. Has too few hp, spells and weapons to ever act rashly

2006-10-02 08:20 PM » Link: [3151#20075|text]
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Comments ( 8 )
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Voted Murometz
October 2, 2006, 23:17
welcome to the---does this party have a name?
Voted Dragon Lord
October 4, 2006, 8:53
Ye gads – where do I start?

Backstory so thin as to be almost a cliché
Practically no motivations
And finally (the ultimate horror) game specific stats

A prime example of how NOT to write up a character for this site

Don’t often see a submission so bad that it deserves only 1/5 but I think this one qualifies
October 4, 2006, 13:06
Well, I can find worse. :) In any case, this is intended to be part of one of the ongoing RPGs - it was a quick effort. Backstory is thin because not much has happened to this guy yet - a starting character can't have too much, or they are not a starting character.

Also, if you look at the other submissions for the 'Back in the day' codex, they also have game stats. They have much better backstories to, so I'll not exuse that aspect.

Perhaps we need a new section for these type of submissions, as I agree this does not fit in with the normal NPC Submission.
Voted Scrasamax
October 4, 2006, 13:28
Now I will say that even if this wasn't a Character Sheet for a forum RP, I wouldn't consider it a 1/5 submission. A 1/5 is so bad it has no hope, and is rife with glaring grammatical errors.

Perhaps requesting a new NPC sub-section for Forum Characters might not be a bad idea.
Voted Shadoweagle
October 4, 2006, 13:44
For what it it's intended, this post is fine: A staple character to start a new, classical game.
Voted MoonHunter
October 4, 2006, 13:55
Those are characters are specifically attached to a specific game on the site. That is why they have mechanics. Other than that, most of this is pointless for most gamers... as most of us here DO NOT PLAY D20. I could post up Fantasy Hero or Ars Magica stats and specials and confuse the rest of you too. That is why everything needs to be described (IN WORDS) to make it adaptable.

A couple of things you can do:
If you have to list the mechanics (to which I would say, "try not to"), list everything as a description first. That way you have a thicker write up AND the character become equipment specific.

The format is uneven. You need to add more character returns at the end of paragraphs. You need to remove them from the middle of sentences and paragraphs. If you are going to line return at the end of each quote/ piece of dialog, you need to do it consistantly throughout the post.

Even if your character is new, you can have a lot more descriptive and motivational elements to his write up.

Nobody cares about generic equipment that most of us would assume he has. And we are going to adapt any standing orders to how we will use him as an NPC, so do not waste your time on them. Remember, you are posting up an NPC (even though it is your PC), so you need to make it useful to GMs.
October 4, 2006, 14:52
Was following a similar format to the other NPC's in the Back in the Day codex.

Your point on the quaility is taken - this does need work and it will get better with a bit of time.
October 13, 2006, 12:14
Also, truth be told, the basic career path and motivations are not far from my own early on, if you replace the Uncle with the "Government", and Computer Geek with Magecraft. Fortunately, I was able to clear my Debt before they named their price...

Though my slight of hand sucks!

Guess I would make a pretty boring NPC myself :)

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