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December 4, 2008, 3:46 pm

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Island of the Moon Hunter


If one sails for seventy days in a westerly direction with a friendly wind, from the shores of the City of the Silver Citadel, one will come into that part of the ocean men call the Milky Waters, a calm, vapid sea.

Here among the countless isles and atolls, lies that singular island of which legends speak, the Island of the Moon Hunter.

Nineteen miles long, four miles wide at its widest point, each end curved like a horn, the island is shaped like a crescent moon, and appears just so, on several ancient maps.

The Island of the Moon Hunter crawls with lush, verdant jungle. There are few beaches on the island, as the organic undergrowth comes almost to the waters edge. A thin strip of white, powdery sand traces the islands peculiar contours. A massive, pyramid shaped mountain, a dormant volcano, long overgrown with vegetation, dominates the island. A mantle of thick, billowy clouds hides its peak.

As one ventures deeper into the interior, the undergrowth turns into an explosion of tropical foliage. Dominating the island are rhododendrons, elephant-ears, huge orchids and monstrous bromeliads, all bursting with vividness and colors, for which men have no names. Travel here is slow going at best. Barring magic, machetes may prove useful.

The jungle is alive with sounds. A cacophony of birdcalls fills the vine-choked treetops. There is an abundance of rare tree species here, ones not found on other islands of the Milky Waters. The nearly-extinct-elsewhere Tropical Oak, and the even more extraordinary Shrinking Baobab, are found here in abundance, twisting and turning, themselves choked by the crawling vines. The Soap Palm, the Chartreuse Poinciana, the Giant Jatropha, and Dancing-Ants-On-Vines, are some of the rarer still, and indigenous plants of the peculiar island. A botanist’s Eden.

An avian lover’s paradise as well, the bird species that inhabit or visit the island, are too numerous to list, though special mention must be made of the Pale-Bellied Tyrant-Manakin, tthe precocious Peacock Coquette, and the somewhat dangerous, Shovel-Nosed Jabiru. The Parrots of the isle, are another matter all together, a bizarre, sentient race of philosopher-sages, with thousand-year lifespans.

Penetrating into the interior may prove a daunting and distracting task, but more wonders await the intrepid.

The isle is home to few mammals and reptiles, allowing the island to be the bird’s paradise that is. Among the reptiles, only iguanas, geckos, and skinks proliferate. Mammals also tend to be small and insignificant to the ecology, jungle mice, flying suirrels, and platypuses in the islands’ briny brooks and streams.

Indigenous Weirdness

Besides this rather colorful, yet mundane, biodiversity, the island is home to several bizarre races as well.



The Howler, He-Who-Hears-The-Moon

lots more to go…

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December 13, 2008, 3:12
Interesting place, can make for a good location for the hard-to-find sage of the "all knowing" the pc's need to seek out to be told the location or answer to their current troubles.

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