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April 28, 2008, 12:45 am

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Heart Bow


Kayvlee or Hewhoshootsrunningmoonsgame moved with a smoother motion than his normal flowing motion. Perhaps it is more practiced. The swirl of his traveling cloak. It made no sound. The draw of the bow, as fluid as a broad deep river, faster than the wind, if I blinked I would of missed it. The arrow glowed. I didn’t even see him pull it. It streaked like a beam of sunlight through a parking cloud. It struck the Fell beasts. It staggered back. He pulled an arrow. Nocked in a smooth motion. The arrow head began to glow that magical green glow that only those with The Sight can see. The second flew, like a falling star. A third was knocked as the beast roared and dropped to one knee. The stream of sparks trailed to its left eye. It tell back and moved no more.

Full Item Description
A Heartbow is a graceful curved wooden bow, more of a poem made form than an utilitarian made of blonde

Developed Bow, used by Elventi but some other peoples have done so.

Like so many Elventi things, the origins of the HeartBow are lost to the first swirls of first time.  

Early charm of Fey or Elventi origin.

It is a charm cast upon a tree, effecting its Heart Wood. The soul of bow is formed into a mystic seed. That seed is set into the heartwood of a strong wood tree. 

A bow magically grown in the heart of a tree. The tree is magically opened and the bow removed. (Sometimes a two if a close set has earned a bow, but that is mostly bardic tales). The tree has the power of life and the power of the spirit it bonds with.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Adding more punch to bowshot, strength and purity of conviction determines the punch.
Some can allow for shots without arrows

Allowing owner to learn certain charms of spells

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