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October 30, 2006, 2:25 pm

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Gray The Waunderer


At first glance, Gray appears to be a normal human.  A little exotic looking, but that’s it.  But appearances are so often decieving…

Special Equipment:

Gray carries the sword Arimath, a mildly enchanted longsword.


Gray appears to be a tall human woman.  She has long, silvery-blond hair, and dark gray eyes.  She is fairly attractive as well.  She always wears a long, dark coat covered in pockets.  This coat reaches to her ankles, and she will not take it off while there are others present.  Only a very few have seen her without it, and only after they know her secret.  Her coat hides a pair of severly atrophied and useless gray-feathered wings.  The feathers are dingy and generally unhealthy looking, and tend to fall out.


One of the driving goals of every alchemist is the Elixer of Life, which grants eternal life.  No one is known to have found it.  But one has.  The alchemist discovered what the crucial ingredient was: the so-called “Blood of the Balance.”  This translates to the blood of an archon, a special variant of daemon.  Daemons are the offspring of a demon and an angel, and are very rare.  Archons are the offspring of a fallen angel and a risen demon, and are rarer still.  They are the embodiement of cosmic balance.  The alchemist learned the complicated and thought-to-be impossible ritual necessary to summon an archon.  He got Gray. 
He held her prisoner for several decades (she lost count), drawing off blood whenever he had a use for it, which was often.  This period of imprisonment has damaged Gray, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Eventually, Gray escaped with the aid of some adventurers who decided to raid the alchemist’s castle.  She took the sword Arimath, which had been a component of the summoning spell with her.  (The spell has affected the sword, and none but an archon may wield it.)  All of this was a few centuries ago.

Gray is ageless, but she either cannot remember or never knew how to escape the mortal realm into the realm of the angels or the realm of the demons.

She has spent the last few hundred years wandering.  She has run into a few demons in those years, and one angel, but the weren’t the sort of meetings that would allow her to ask a favor. 

Gray’s imprisonment has left her with scars all up her arms.  It has also left her wings crippled and useless.  It has also made her intensely afraid of the alchemist, and distrustful of alchemists in general.  Her memory is also impaired, and she cannot remember anything before she was summoned. 

Roleplaying Notes:

Unbeknownst to Gray, the alchemist lives yet.  The ritual that granted him immortality tied his life force to hers; he cannot be killed until Gray dies.  In fact, the only way to kill him is to kill her.  This sympathetic link is only one way: she does not feel his injuries, but he might feel hers.  He is immortal and invulnerable, but when Gray dies, she takes him with her.

Gray has lost all faith in gods, and even in angels and demons.  If she was mortal, she would be an aethiest, but as it is, she simply does not take them seriously.

Being an archon, Gray is afforded some measure of respect by angels and demons, and would generally be granted passage through their realms.

There must always be at least one archon in existance to keep the universe in balance.  As far as Gray knows, she is the only one.

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Comments ( 7 )
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February 23, 2004, 4:22
This is an interesting character to slip into a game as an NPC. It has connections and leads to a variety of stories, as well as just enough vague backstory to be placed into any game with little effort.
February 23, 2004, 12:21
I think this character is brilliant. The novel background (along witht he potential that there may be other archons around that Gray doesn't know of), combined with the sympathetic link with the alchemist and Gray's own warped personality from her torture and wanderings all add up to produce a totally original character.
Barbarian Horde
February 25, 2004, 8:55
I wonder

If she were to capture the alchemist who siphoned off her blood, could she do something similar to him in order to restore wings and her memory?

...and would she actually do it?

Would this be considered a good or evil act - or would simply be restoring the balance?
March 7, 2004, 7:47
This character has totally captured my imagination. I agree it is very unique and the possibilities for 'Gray' can go in any direction. Kudos to the author
June 15, 2004, 13:55
Two thumbs up! Mainly for the 'risen demon, fallen angel part' - how often does such a couple meet? I sure look forward to using her, or someone similar...
Voted Wulfhere
October 5, 2006, 12:26
I really like this! The sort of NPC that could have the players scratching their heads and wondering whether she's on their side or not. On one hand, she seems a sympathetic sort; on the other, her hidden side could make people quite suspicious of her.

She seems as if she lacks a sense of purpose, wandering the planes. I suspect that she would be unconsciously drawn to the areas where her help is needed to restore the balance of the universe. She might not even realize why she has come, as far as she knows, she just felt restless.

If the unique aspects of her weapon were played up, characters might be drawn into a quest to discover its origins, and thus hers. Clerics suspecting what she is might be moved to help her find her own personal balance and restore her health and memory.

The sinister alchemist that held her prisoner is the obvious 'next step in the chain', so information about him would be a welcome sequel to this one.
Voted valadaar
December 12, 2006, 19:41
Quite interesting...


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