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October 30, 2006, 9:15 pm

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Gods of the Wider realm


And the Dragons did prostrate and die, and the gods were born in their stead.

The Creation

The Dragons Tarran and Gaeioa pondered long and hard of things. One day, Gaeioa came to her lover with a proposition, “Let us make the world so life may be born, and it shall be good.” Tarran became concerned, “How will we know it is good, when none watch over it?” Illuyuskan of the three eyes, was born unto the nothingness and said “I shall watch over this world, and as a testament to my strength I shall put out my eyes, and make the moons.”

Arebek was assigned to the duty, but his heart was not pure. His sword stabbed Illuyuskan’s third eye, and made it so it could not see the Nothing or the Everything, but only the Dreaming. In punishment, Arebek was nailed into his boots, and sent unto the sun, so it may heat life, and light its way.

Tarran and Gaeioa removed Illuyuskan’s other eyes, and he made them into the moons. And the Dragons did prostrate and die, and the gods were born in their stead.

The Birth of Beings

Illuyuskan watched as the new gods went on their way, and as the Dragons gave birth to the Wryms, a thought occured to him. “What good is a world with gods, when there are no beings to worship them?” So he created the Ylfharn from clay, baking them in his kiln, and removing them while they were still red-hot.

The Ylfharn were overjoyed at being born, and they praised their new master, but refused to worship the gods. He-who-was-not-under-the-sun came to Illuyuskan, and said “I will make a new people, I will build them from machines, and they will take the metal of this world and make it glorious!” So He-who-was-not-under-the-sun made the Egoyo, but they too, refused to worship the gods. Illuyuskan grew angry, and killed He-who-was-not-under-the-sun in a blind rage, sentencing the Egoyo to live under the deep mountains with their demonic machines.

The Great Glutton was cleverer than He-who-was-not-under-the-sun, and she proposed a deal to Illuyuskan before offering to create her people. “If my folk are not to your liking,” she said, “Then do not punish them, but instead make them greedy, for if my people are the most covetous, how will the true worshippers be?” Illuyuskan agreed, and so she bore the Chimcherae, and Illuyuskan made them greedy.

“This,” said Illuyuskan, “has gone on long enough, If a lesser god creates them, they will be flawed, and if a higher god does so, they will worship only him!” So Illuyuskan asked Gurod to plant a giant cactus, from which all living things would come. Gurod did so, and from it all the birds, beasts, insects, and men, sprang forth, and Man worshipped the Gods, and they were pleased.

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Comments ( 2 )
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April 9, 2006, 22:29
And the Dragons did have an enlarged prostate, and the gods horny in their bed.

Illuyuskan, I like that name for reasons you dont know
February 10, 2012, 11:28
I'm a little late in asking this, but I'd really like to know those reasons. I think I bastardized the name from Hittite mythology.


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