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December 28, 2007, 4:33 am

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Enoch Q. Os


Q has a passion for irony; it amuses him to no end when one of his schemes unfolds in a manner unforeseen. He loves to play elaborate tricks and create situations full of confusion and chaos. Qs mantra is, there is always a deeper level. His words are webs laced with hints, and half truths, outright lies, and clues. Only the clever, and sometimes those blessed with a modicum of common sense will have a chance of piercing his veil of vagaries.


Enoch Q. Os. is a trim tidy man, who appears to be in his thirties. He has dark brown hair, cut short, with a rakish mustache and goatee. He wears fine clothes, usually of silk, that are elegant in their simplicity. Emerald eyes glitter mischievously underneath finely arced brows, nad his mouth is always slightly quirked upward on the left side, giving the impression that he has found amusement in a joke that only he has heard. Green is his favorite color, and it is common theme in his clothing. He walks jauntily, usually whistling a vaguely recognizable tune that you just cant catch. In dealing with him, one gets the sense that they have just missed something. Which is exactly how Q wants it.


Q’s master, Zan, was the greatest trickster of his age.. All of his life, Q has tried to do him one better.  Zan constantly tricked Q, and it infuriated Q that he could never anticipate the mischief of his master, much less beat him at his own game. Even in death, Zan let his teasing spread from the grave. His last words bespoke of a challenge to Q. Zan possessed great power and accumulated vast amounts of arcane knowledge over his lifetime. He hid his phylactery in secret place. That mysterious place washis kitchen table. Yes, just to infuriate him, Zan hid his mighty phylactery in plain sight, knowing the torment Q would endure over such an obvious jibe. To throw salt on the wound, Zan left behind a simulacrum containing his essence in order to better watch Q suffer and crack corny jokes at his expense. The only way Q can posses his masters power is by playing a trick worthy of Zans approval. Zan himself has said that when that day comes he, or rather his sim, will on bended knee present his phylactery to Q. For Q, this will not only signify his coming into real power but also the satisfaction of finally having bested his loved/hated master.rnrnEnoch Q Os., or Q, is a man on a mission. For the first part of his plan, he has created a plethora of magical items, magical items that arent quite what they seem. To name one, the incredibly powerful Spirit Tonic, which can all but the most fatal wounds, but has the unfortunate effect of a three day bout of severe inebriation.
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December 28, 2007, 4:33
Updated: Updated: I just seperated the paragraphs from the titles.

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