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April 9, 2010, 11:44 pm

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Electric Guitar of the Sirens


You don't need a pipe or a heavenly voice to entrance a crowd with this in your hands.

Apparence: At a glance, it appears to be a recualr flying-V type electric guitar with blue painting with a rippling pattern accenting the colors. On the back, there is a 5 inch shadow of a woman with flowing hair as well as runes on the neck of the guitar.


In times of old, magic had been common place. Wizards, sorcerors, as well as many magical beings were not questioned. As time worn on, so did the belief of magics and the appearence of magic itself. Some say that magic waned due to the dimention that houses mana for the world dried up. Others say that when machines appear, it could do for the common man what magic could not as magic could only be used by those whohad the skills and talent for such things.

Modern times is a time where magic is rare. Those who use it are either sent to the nut house or kept their talents secret in fear of persecution. Though there are exceptions. One such example is the guitar player known as Alex Trible. In his career, he's been a below-average player. No matter how much he practices or plays, his notes never play how he would want them. Searching for insperation, he goes to his local bookstore hoping to find a string of notes that could improve his jams. When he did, he found a strange book sitting in a dusty part of the shelves. By some unknown force pulling him, he felt the need to read the book. As he turn the pages, he could read the strange lettering littering the pages. He found a set of runes that say will harmonize an object with it's user. Out of some impulse and to humor the idea, he jots down the runes in question onto a piece of paper and exits the store. When he gets back home, he inscribes these runes onto his guitar's neck and strikes a cord. To his surprise, the sound that comes out sounds exactly how he wanted it instead of sounding like a broken key. Thinking it as a fluke, he plays a set of notes. Then another set. Then another. Each time he does, the sound that comes out is near perfection and vibration. The notes mash together in harmony and sync perfectly. Thus, the Electric Guitar of the Sirens is born.

Magical abilities:

The guitar has the ability to create sensational melodies and harmonious courds to suit the taste of the user. It can play any style and any note with great accuracy. Only drawback that it needs to be plugged in for it to work.

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Comments ( 1 )
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April 10, 2010, 2:46
The mixture of ancient magic in a modern instrument is a good start, but you can bring this to the next level. What is there about this guitar that will surprise readers, yet make them say "Of course! I should have thought of that!" What would make a GM decide to build a scenario around it?

The Sirens' irresistible voices carried men to their doom. What does your imagination tell you about this guitar?

"Yes, Lieutenant: That's exactly how we found the bodies. There's no sign that they were restrained, but they appear to have died of thirst in this room. From the positions of the remains, I'd guess they were playing those instruments as some sort of a band; the only thing missing would be the lead guitar."

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