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October 28, 2005, 11:45 am

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Eamon Sianeth


Khass was one of the greatest friends I ever had.  So of course, what choice did I have but to save him?

Dear gods above, what have I done?


Eamon is a tall, gangly man, generally unkempt looking.  He usually tries to project an air of quiet cheerfulness, but it doesn’t take much looking to see that this is forced.  When he thinks no one is looking, it is evident that he is badly depressed.


Eamon grew up in a town on a major trade route.  As such, stories of legendary heroes came easily to his ears.  All his life, he wanted to be a hero himself, and left at a young age to make that dream a reality.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t experienced enough to make it on his own, something he drastically overlooked.  He would have died two weeks into his new career had it not been for Khass Brightwing.  He saved Eamon’s life, and that was the start of a profitable friendship.  Khass was an experienced adventurer, and quickly showed Eamon the ropes.  Over the years, Eamon discovered a talent for magic, and began developing it.  Soon the two were reknowned for their bravery and skill.  And, as must happen, one day they went their separate ways.  They still remained good friends, however, and tended to see if they could outdo each other’s exploits.

Two years later, Eamon returned from an adventure abroad, he was greeted by terrible news.  Khass had led a failed raid on the demenses of Warlord Belos, a violent and cruel man.  Khass, and all his associates, had been captured just over a year before.  Of course, as soon as he heard this, Eamon planned his own raid.  At first, it was merely a quest for vengeance, but then he learned that Khass might still be alive, and it became a rescue mission.

Eamon planner much more carefully than Khass, and Belos was a fool in many ways.  The warlord was killed, his castle was sacked, and all the prisoners in the dungeons were released.  And Khass was found, still alive but nearly catatonic, in one of the deepest cells.

Eamon had his friend nursed back to health.  Then, to his horror, he discovered that Khass was no longer the same man.  Over a year in the dungeon and torture chambers had taken a toll.  It was a testament to Khass’s strength that he survived it, but his mind had broken.

Eamon’s first glimpse of how badly his friend’s mind had fractured came when Khass flew into a violent rage.  When Eamon came to, he had been unconscious for three days, his home had been burnt to a cinder, and over twenty people were dead.  And Khass was gone.

After that, rumors began to circulate.  Many said that a demon called Forge walked the land, terrorizing and killing.  Entire villages were laid to waste.  But this killer was not a crazed, berserking maniac attacking at random.  He seemed to have some sort of agenda.
Eamon has spent four years trying to find out what that agenda is, and trying to track the man who was once a friend.  It is not an easy or pleasant task, and Eamon truly does not know if he will be capable of killing his friend, as it must inevitably come to.  On top of this, Eamon must deal with the guilt of knowing that he was the one who released this terror into the world, and if he had been available, Khass might not have fallen in the first place.

Roleplaying Notes:

First and foremost, Eamon is plagued by guilt from the past, present, and future.  He was not there to help Khass before, he released him out into the world now, and he must inevitably kill him.  He is not, however, angsty.  When around others, he attempts to project a cheerful air.  He’s a man who has a big pain inside of him, and he smiles all the time to cover it up.
He sees it as his responsiblity to stop Khass, by any means necessary and will not accept help.  There is some doubt as to whether or not he actually can.

Perhaps a bounty has been offered for the capture and/or death of Forge; anyone going after it will end up running into Eamon.

Perhaps Forge is looking for Eamon for unspecified reasons, and people are trying to find him in order to save themselves from his wrath.  Enter the PCs.

One night, Eamon feels the need to completely dismantle his higher faculties, and goes about this by getting totally and utterly wasted in a bar that the PCs end up in.  Give a man enough to drink, and who knows what he may tell you?

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Comments ( 5 )
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September 20, 2004, 1:28
Without the links between these two characters, they are nothing. Together they form an interesting plot, if orchistrated properly.
September 20, 2004, 22:49
I like it, though I feel bad for him. Even if the heroes manage to help him, how can he ever recover from this? He is nearly as broken by these happenings as Khass.

Voted Chaosmark
October 29, 2006, 12:31
Interesting duo. Bumpage for publicity.
Voted Cheka Man
October 29, 2006, 15:56
Two interesting charecters, 4/5.
March 25, 2014, 12:00
A good compliment to Forge. And a good tie in.

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