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April 29, 2008, 11:47 am

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Dr. Tadani


A modern day doctor who’s lack of morality has led him down dark demoniacally unnatural paths he hopes will give him complete control over his patients lives.

A thin abnormally tall Indonesian man with a yellowish tan and a halting, nearly stuttering, Arabian accent. Outwardly he appears neatly clothed wearing a simple battleship gray suit that seems a size too small; stretched gauntly over his malnourished frame, almost as if it’s holding the body together in the semblance of a human shape. Pulled over the top of this is a white lab coat, oddly oversized and seeming to engulf the man, it’s neatly pressed corners appearing as sharp as a razor under the harsh fluorescent lighting.

Upon closer examination one would notice the mans eyes, much like those of a dead fish, are a dark brown, nearly black, seeming to be pools of rancid clotted blood that stare at consistently, barely ever shifting or blinking, his lips tightly pursed except for occasional cryptic utterances or brief almost hurried explanations, the voice itself quiet but with a deep tone of underlying control.

When he shakes someones hand his spidery fingers grasp their flesh in a cold unyielding way, reminding them of how the death grip of a corpse must feel.

When conducting an examination he moves with an unnatural grace belying his frail looking form, reaching for every instrument without looking, as if each location is memorized from a thousand repeated grasps, the medical implements themselves seem spring to life beneath his dexterous fingers and skitter about their work with a will of their own.


He smiles at his patients frequently, but there’s no warmth behind the lips or in the gaze, the facade of kindness coming across more like a disguise masking a personality more black, more unnatural lurking beneath the surface.

Every word is heavily accented, and feels regurgitated from along list of memorized phrases, uttered so often they cease to have any meaning to the speaker and are just nosies to fill the cold silence that clings to the atmosphere about him.


Though he might have once been a talented Surgeon, his obsession with the darker arts led him down a path few in the modern would would dare tread; service to darker powers and even darker desires.

What began as a promising career in medicine quickly grew boring for this bright, yet unbalanced young man, when it seemed to him all of his patients problems were so… Mundane.

Perhaps, he thought, I might try more unconventional approaches, apply solutions that others were too cautious or civilized to consider.

Thus began Dr. Taidani’s descent into madness. Having held a fascination with ancient medical practices along with an equally unhealthy obsession with dark superstitions; it did not take long for the him to learn of ancient procedures and methods that could not only heal the sick, but give him some measure of control over their lives and even nature of existence.

Realizing all too well any attempt at practicing such techniques within a modern hospital was doomed to failure,  and his likely incarceration. So after brief employment at some of the lesser known insane asylums and prisons, Dr. Taidani did the commendable thing, he acquired a sizable grant, he opened a small private practice catering to the poor and desperate of the city; the ones no one would miss if a few failed to return to their studio apartments, street corners and cardboard boxes the following week.

To call his practices unethical would be too kind, to call them demonic and insane would still fail to grasp the ultimate violation of his patients very souls under his ministrations.

Although he has yet to perfect his methods for changing others fully with dark powers and unspeakable rituals, the effects upon his own person have been very telling. To see him now one would scarcely remember the large well built doctor with a warm ready hand shake and calm reassuring voice; his association with darker powers and unclean rituals having forever changed his form into something more gaunt, more unfeeling, and less human.

Special Equipment
A plethora of unusual and somewhat antique medical instruments, all of them oddly in pristine condition and polished to a mirror finish.

A collection of unusual literature in his office, such as 18th century medicine, books on Chakery’s torture techniques and occult religious practices

Roleplaying Notes

Remember your patients are really your subjects, and it is your purpose in life to find out what makes them tick, and how to alter that balance to suit your immediate needs, and your greater purpose.

Each one of these specimens is blindly trusting of your guise as a medical care giver, and will follow your treatment regimens without question, so be sure to stress the importance of following your sometimes unorthodox advice as strictly as possible. Also remember to smile a lot, since this makes them feel safer,and answer every question, no matter how trivial with one of your cataloged responses that you heard a thousand times by other doctors.

Also getting them in for a full week long evaluation at your hospital is key, since it will give you far greater access to their mind, both in it’s conscious and dormant states, allowing you to better manipulate them to your ends.

Prescribing mind altering drugs to lower their will and judgment is also on your agenda, providing it’s done with a modicum of reasoning, you can’t have other doctors second guessing you after all or discovering your "true agenda."


One of the chars poorer friends has been suffering from the flu, or perhaps fainting spells, and gets referred to the good doctor for a simple evaluation, afterwards mentioning how "odd" the doctor seemed, and emerging form their week long stay at his hospital some how changed, their personality darker, more twisted. perhaps with a like to hurting small animals or staring fixedly at bloodied meat at the supermarket for several minutes…

The PC’s may hear through one of their usual informants that one of the doctors at the hospital isn’t "on the level" and is using patients for some kind of experimental drug testing and personality alteration. In the news lately were several seemingly random subjects arrests for animal abuse or some other acts of depravity, all of them living with in a particular part of town.

Perhaps he seeks out the PC’s aid in acquiring some obscure religious artifacts or herbs for his latest experiments.

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Comments ( 7 )
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Voted Cheka Man
April 29, 2008, 17:54
What does this evil doctor want to do with his paitents? Use them as assassins or thieves? Use them to *replace* dead people?
Voted Siren no Orakio
April 29, 2008, 20:11
Maybe he just does it for the same reason people boil puppies and eat kittens.

That said: The essential idea here is good. I like it. However, I feel that it needs a certain level of expansion - What is the fundamental reason he gets bored doing things the 'nice way'? What events caused him to become so psychopathic? What cracked him in the first place?
Voted valadaar
April 29, 2008, 20:16
I agree with Siren. I have long since become a little weary of people being evil because they are insane, with no other reason given. Personally, I think it is scarier when people are evil for other reasons - when its not some random biochemical error which creates the monster.

Take a look at Ullhyr T'Lar-Yin. I think you might like this fellow. (Evil laughter here...)

Though I think this fellow is evil too due to madness. Oh well :)
Voted Misanpilgrim
April 30, 2008, 16:48
Possible motive alteration: Instead of dark obsession and boredom, maybe the good doctor was frustrated at patients who consistently ignored his advice and stumbled onto his "unconvential approaches" in his desperation. This could add a new layer of condescension, contempt, and Why-Me-style self-pity to his personality -- after all, if his patients would just listen to him and do the sensible thing, he wouldn't need to control them, and it's such a burden on him...

And: "Also remember to smile a lot, since this makes them feel safer..." Except when it creeps them out, which he might not notice.
April 30, 2008, 17:30
I like the ideas Misampilgrim, when i get some extra time I'll see about giving the good Dr. a bit of a makeover ;)
Voted Scrasamax
May 2, 2008, 0:31
Where did his obsession with the dark arts come from? I'm pretty sure that unless he attented Miskatonic University (Go Fighting Cephalopods!) he didnt take Dark Arts 101 in college. I also agree with Siren and Val in their sanity related comments.
Voted Dozus
May 3, 2011, 14:30

Kind of your typical mad doctor, if a little lacking in motivation. I like some of the details though, and it's a well-written sub.

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