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August 26, 2012, 8:50 pm

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Divine One Hizeel


"Checkmate." The crowd looked with awe. The best player in the world beaten second turn. How was it possible.
                                                                                                   Hizeel playing chess champion in the 3rd century

Hizeel is the leader and most powerful of the Divine Ones. Kolou may be the strongest physically, but Hizeel has more overall power.

When the world was made Hizeel's gift to it was order, structure, and sensability. Then when humans were created he granted them the gift of learning, intelligence, wisdom, higher thought procresses, ingenuity, creativity, and knowledge. Therefore Hizeel is the Divine One of the mind and knowledge. Later Hizeel even granted humans the ability to use magic, however never anything close to as powerful as any Divine One. Hizeel acts very scholarly and is known to occasionally put away emotional thought entirely. He is loyal to the Exalted Ones to the core, and while all the Divine Ones are it is said his loyalty is the strongest. He firmly believes everything they tell him without question.

He likes people who use their mind. Whether it be the scholar, tactician, mage, scientist, etc. Anyone who is wise or intelligent or at least tries he likes.

Hizeel is tall and toned, but not especially muscular. He wears a black cloak. He gives off an aura of assertiveness and glows in purple. He wields a pair of twin, curved daggers that are single edged and pointed.

He has telekinesis and telapathy to the highest level. He quite literally knows all knowledge that exists. Simply by looking around he soaks up everything there is to know. He is not a psychic however and cannot know the future, though he is great at coming up with nearly every possibility and finding the most likely ones.

He likes people who use their mind. Whether it be the scholar, tactician, mage, scientist, etc. Anyone who is wise or intelligent or at least tries he likes. He loves when humans discover knowledge and scorns superstition, lies, deceit, or anything else that goes against fact. It is said he taught humans structured language, how to read and write, and how to teach others.

His favorite buildings are schools, libraries, and any place where great minds meet. Prayer to Hizeel is usually for bursts of inspiration or help on a problem that has been stumping a person for some time. Hizeel also uses military-like knowledge and enjoys watching battle plans be made, however he doesn't really like war. Whenever Hizeel takes a trip to Earth he always goes to every library and school to root out the false. He will also disguise himself as a mortal and have debates with scholars. He also always makes sure to play chess several times.

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