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Ranged Weapons
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July 8, 2009, 6:22 pm

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Dirty bomb


"Goblins will lay waste to anything they can, given the chance. Perhaps someone should tell they are too literal." - Sir Gunnar Raknarson, Author of Buried But Not Dead: Surviving Underground, on the subject of the dirty bombs.

Full Item Description:

Though the design may change from tribe to tribe, there are two well known types of dirty bomb.  One is clay vessel designed to look like a dried pile of excrement with a fuse, though the waste inside is usually quite moist.  The other varies in size but is usually considerably larger then it's clay counterpart and is collection of bodily waste, rotting food and various other forms of goblin trash and has been seen with and without the explosive center of it's smaller cousin.

The first of these two works as you might expect.  Light the fuse, throw and wait for your poor victim to realize they've been coated in goblin doodoo, should they not be fatally wounded by the flying shards.  The larger dirty bomb though has been used as either a large bomb or simply ammunition for siege weapons such as catapults.


Like the wheel, like fire the spear, there are just some things that have been around for so long no one really knows who invented or discovered them.  While the collective memory of the goblin race may not simply be long enough compared to other races to remember who invented the dirty bomb, it is one of many things about goblin culture that others will never forget.

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