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September 14, 2006, 8:34 pm

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Daltorz of the inferno


Daltorz was the greatest weapon of the Summoners and but in the end he caused the downfall of hundreds of magicians and today his very name strikes terror in the hearts of wizards.

The Undead War
The war between the Summoners Guild and the Vampires is a long story so I shall shorten it.

The summoners used their powers to summon demons from a chaotic plain known as the Inferno. This was a place where the spirits of the dead that had been killed under terrible or painful circumstances went to. Fear and anger often melded together to form horrible creatures that feed on emotions of anger and despair. Some Demons fed on love and happiness but these ones were few. The Demons were brought from the Inferno or had their magical energy drained and used by the summoners for magic. The rage of the demons was fixated on the summoners\’ only enemy strong enough to be a threat, the vampires.

The vampires also got their power from the undead but they were the lesser evil as they could be good or bad in a more equal measure than the demons. If a 100th of the demons of the Inferno were let loose on the Vampires they would be erradicated and along with an entire continent most likely.

These to factions were the most powerful in the world and no kingdom could come close to defeatin one of them. Whoever lost the other would eventually come to rule the world.

The Demon
The Demon Daltorz was the most powerful demon that ever walked the earth. He helped defeat the Vampires several times bringing them to the brink of destruction.

He is twice the size of any man or elf and wider than a dwarf. He is coated in what appears to be an immpenitrable metal and has the overall shape of a human. All be it a human with three sets of arms and anthlers along its spine. It has eight huge razor sharp wings that allows it to travel at the fastest speeds in the sky. It has massive talons on its claws and feet. It has two powers of erradication. One is a gas that comes from the tips of the antlers on its back, this acid destroys any living thing it comes into contact with. It can also send out waves of chaotic anger which madden anyone that comes near.

Daltorz was the bane of the Vampires and to save their race they sent one of their best assassins to place a blood stone on the rune stone used to control the demon. A blood stone allowed the Vampires to channel their magic over great distances and the power of the greatest necromancer Vampires freed the great demon, leaving Daltorz free to attack his masters.

But they could not comprehend the destruction it reaked on the world. First he killed every living thing is his former Master\‘s tower and then he headed straight for the Majesty Tower where the Grand Summoners resided. It was also host to the golden gate the most powerful gateway to the Inferno that had ever exsisted.

Behind the Summoners lines he broke into the tower easily, he killed all the magicians in his way with his fatal gas, killed the feble demons they had time to summon and waited. Now that there was no one to guard the golden gate the demons that were closest to the portal (as they had been pulled through that portal before when summoned) on the other side sensed the weakness and a flood of over a 100 powerful demons flooded into the world.

First the summoners were slaughtered by their former servants then they rampaged through the world looking for the strongest magical beings in order to get energy to sustain themselves. Several magical guilds fell.

The Druids Guild however did not fail. It should be understood that they were the strongest magic users but they used their magic for healing which put them at a disadvantage faced with demons. They used the life magic of their forest to counter the monsters however. Daltorz and his horde consisted of and fed on negative emotions and the druids merely healed the demons rage making them weak enought to simply evaporate. The immense magic was put to good use and only the few strongest demons survived.

Daltorz was included in this of course and after a further twenty years of all kinds of evil he was killed the famed warrior-wizard Galnoll.

In its time it wreaked unfantomable carnage. Magical society suffered the worst even the druids guild lost so much, over half of the druid guild and the forest which was forever tainted by death.

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September 14, 2006, 13:31
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September 14, 2006, 16:48
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Voted Murometz
September 14, 2006, 17:33
1's??? I've seen worse submissions get 4's.

Its a good solid idea (3), imho.
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September 15, 2006, 0:50
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September 15, 2006, 6:54
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June 9, 2012, 20:21
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