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July 22, 2008, 5:19 pm

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Component Magic


...or Lego Magic, if you will.

manfred 10:43 pm: Lego Magic
manfred 10:44 pm: How about basing a magic system on that metaphor?
MoonHunter 10:45 pm: So make voodo items out of legos and summon them to you or make them happen to others..
manfred 10:45 pm: There would be components, or building blocks, that you can put together to create effects.
manfred 10:45 pm: Ah, hallo there!
Murometz 10:45 pm: I’d buy a Grand Theft Lego!!
manfred 10:45 pm: Nope, all pure in-your-mind magic.
MoonHunter 10:46 pm: So how would Lego magic work?
MoonHunter 10:46 pm: See. Muro proves my point
manfred 10:46 pm: Fun thing is, others can build upon the existing material, too.
manfred 10:46 pm: You start creating a spell…
Murometz 10:46 pm: and then you stack more spells, until…
Murometz 10:46 pm: :)
manfred 10:47 pm: ...then some sucker comes along, inserts his own few building components…
manfred 10:47 pm: ...and completely changes your intended effect.
manfred 10:47 pm: And that can be done at any time later on, if the spell lasts.
Murometz 10:48 pm: or perhaps you ‘build’ your super spell, but one piece is missing, though everything seems to be ‘holding together’ well. Alas, teh spell, after all that work, wont work.
Murometz 10:48 pm: lag…sucks
manfred 10:48 pm: It’s all simple building blocks, and any wizard can add some more to an existing construction.
manfred 10:49 pm: (Yes, there would be a knowledge-based component.)
Murometz 10:49 pm: do you mean Magic Lego or Lego magic?
manfred 10:49 pm: A magical system based on the metaphor of a Lego set.
Murometz 10:49 pm: got it
Murometz 10:50 pm: oh, this is serious..I see now. I’ll stop interrupting :)
manfred 10:50 pm: You have the generic blocks that all fit into each other, well mostly, and you can create anything out of them.
manfred 10:50 pm: Nah, keep interrupting. That’s a good source of ideas.
MoonHunter 10:51 pm: So it is Visual Basic Magic
manfred 10:51 pm: *the amateur programmer shuddered
manfred 10:51 pm: Well… sort of.
manfred 10:52 pm: There would be ways of ‘locking’ the spells, sort of like there could be blocks with a blank surface - but there will be of course ways around it.
MoonHunter 10:52 pm: Each glyph or block adds together to make magic
manfred 10:52 pm: Yes.
MoonHunter 10:53 pm: So I would put together fire+fire+fire+Arrow+Motion and make a three damage fireball
MoonHunter 10:53 pm: firebolt
manfred 10:53 pm: Do you remember the venerable Dungeon Master computer game?
MoonHunter 10:53 pm: I know it in theory.. not in practice
MoonHunter 10:54 pm: So blocks of magic…
manfred 10:54 pm: It had a bit similar magic system, combining runes to make spells.
manfred 10:54 pm: With Light, you got a Light spell…
MoonHunter 10:54 pm: How many blocks can I hold? Unlimited or is there a mental skill limit
MoonHunter 10:55 pm: And each block must be learned by itself
manfred 10:55 pm: ...take Light and Fire, and you get your Fireball.
manfred 10:55 pm: (unspecified, it is a fresh idea :) )
manfred 10:56 pm: Here, you could have two friendly wizards, where one would cast Light, the other Fire, and together make a nice Fireball.
manfred 10:57 pm: Or suppose you have some sort of shield spell…
MoonHunter 10:57 pm: so we have nouns and verbs
manfred 10:57 pm: ...comes another guy, adds Fire, and you have a fire shield, how nice.
MoonHunter 10:58 pm: noun, verbs, adjectives (meta-magic things that effect nouns) and adverbs (metamagic words to effect verbs)
manfred 10:58 pm: Or somebody else adds Air, which creates an expanding circle of Air…
Murometz 10:59 pm: sounds pretty cool
manfred 10:59 pm: ...which in effect blows away your protection. Oops.
MoonHunter 10:59 pm: earthx3+hard+wall
MoonHunter 10:59 pm: So I could add the concept hole to the person’s protective wall
manfred 11:00 pm: Or make it two-way, so that his spells will bounce back on him.
manfred 11:00 pm: There should be all sorts of messing with other people’s spells.
manfred 11:01 pm: And lots of possibilities of ‘construction’, if there is little opposition.
MoonHunter 11:04 pm: Of course, how are you able to catch an instant spell?
MoonHunter 11:05 pm: One block per round/ turn/ impulse?
manfred 11:05 pm: Veery quickly.   

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January 14, 2014, 14:20
interesting idea... hmmm...
March 3, 2015, 15:06
Wow is this a cool concept, somebody NEEDS to flesh this out(would be an awsome version of Vanciaan,of which I am a huge fan)

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