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September 25, 2008, 4:58 pm

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Banglore - Rim


The place looked like a pile of plastic containers, but it was home.

Could be a Firefly World, but it works any way

Located mid-gap between the Rim and the Outer worlds, Bangalore’s trade is mostly in radioactive fuel for the huge shipping container ships that travel between the higher-producing Outer worlds and the Rim and anywhere they might need fuel.

It also serves as a gathering point for small- to large-bulk transports to drop cargo for pickup by the huge tankers that take mega-tons of cargo to the core worlds. As a result, much of the planet is devoted to ship-yards (for repair) fueling stations (parked at the top of the three space-elevators) and refinery reactors and ore mines.

Bangalore is one of those places that is easy to get to, easy to get off of, and hard to live on. There are no natives here, just people working under contract. Its transient population is said to refresh completely every 10 years. Organized crime isn’t much of a problem, with so much cargo going in and out of Bangalore all the time, it isn’t one of the places where crime above petty theft, B&E and the occasional murder is going to happen.

Political and Bureaucratic corruption, however, is rampant. The Alliance maintains a Governor, named George Cardinal, whose job it is to see that things go smoothly for the Alliance.

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September 29, 2008, 13:38
This is kind of "not in the feel" of Firefly. It has to exist, or something like it, but.... you know... it just isn't there.

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They also wear garb similar to the northern tribesman, carefully tooled leather and showing multiple, colourful glyphs.

They are feared due to the intense discipline that their group maintains, due to their origins as a warrior-sect.

They serve as paid thugs, enforcers and assassins within the city, with the client simply ordering a service from the organization, not hiring an individual. Apart from making the request and providing payment in full in advance, the order completes the assignment themselves.

Their order has many moles through the organizations of the city, and more than a couple of nobles. As such, no organized move has been made against them since their chief activity is directed against other members of the crime world. It is said that their services have been useful for those in power as well, further protecting them from persecution.

Their religion holds that their time in this world is vanishingly brief, and largely unimportant except as training for the Great Battle.

The order is very utilitarian with weapons choice - they simply use the tool needed for the occasion, though not without having trained extensively with it beforehand. Daggers, garrottes, swords, bows, battle axes, polearms, wagons, even siege engines have been used to carry out their contracts.

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