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October 23, 2013, 10:39 pm

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Atarkhul, Lord of Passions


Love. Hate. Lust. Pride. Greed. Many are the emotions that can inflame the human heart, and of the brightest and strongest of all of these is born, Atarkhul Prince of Passion.

Many are the facets of the human soul, and many are the emotions that broil between heart and soul within. Of these, a small handful are known to drive man, far beyond the limits of reason, driving him to deny the limits of both himself, and from time to time, reality itself. Within them dwells the Great God Atarkhul. Many are his aspects, but single is he, and single is his Church, despite appearances.

The Church of Atarkhul is divided into six major branches, one for each of the six major passions that can drive his children.

The first, and the most public face of Atarkhul in most cities are the Devoted. These men and women are those who have devoted their lives to spreading philia, the simple joys of love of family and devotion to a cause or skill. Quiet and unassuming, they move among the people, preaching peace and devotion to works, and as such, are often welcomed by the lords of the land. In turn for sparking and spreading this passion, and thus feeding him, Atarkhul grants unto them power to heal and to calm, to steady others and 'right the ship'. Only rarely, and only in defense of others, do they call upon his retributive aspects.

Second, and rarest among the priests of Atarkhul are the Beloved, those few who are truly capable of agape, the devoted love that expects nothing in return. Purely do they walk among man to heal and to comfort, entering into the worst disasters without care for themselves. Among the Devotees of the Lord of Passions, only they may reach into the netherworlds and recall the souls of the dead, and for this gift, they cannot reach into his destructive passions whatsoever.

Third, and at the edge of public and shadow are the Desired, those who have devoted their lives to eros, the spark of lust that leads two to desire each other's companies... and bodies. These priests, too, walk among the people, and in their wake pass passionate affairs, both licit and elsewise. They are those who perform weddings, who bless the womb, who provide potions and philters of lust and desire. There are rumors, too, of darker ceremonies, of rape and orgies. Some may even be true.

Fourth, and the first of those who dwell in shadow are the Hungry, those who have been consumed by greed of all sorts, be it hunger for gold, or food, or land. In their wake passes want, inflicting the hunger for more of anything, and all of the attending jealousies of those who have. They are given the power to send the masses hungering for some need, some thing, and where just one walks, economies profit... and revolutions may explode.

Sixth, and final among those who dwell in shadow are the Wrathful, those who know rage in all its forms. There is but one thing that can satisfy their wants, and that is pure destruction. The secret warriors of Atarkhul, they desire and are granted the power to destroy bodies and minds, to flood the soul with anger, driving the focus of their allies to new heights and blinding the foe, and to steal away anger, leaving nothing but apathy.

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