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October 25, 2007, 4:31 am

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Asarth Awrun


An elder lich recently returned from a journey across the worlds who seeks an artifact of ancient times.


Beneath his heavy cloaking and wrappings, Asarth is hideous. A withered skeletal being, his eye sockets burn with violet flames. To prevent people from seeing him, however, Asarth wraps himself in mouldering cloaks and bandages, and tops it off all with a wide-brimmed traveller’s hat. Because the flesh on his hands and fingers is flaking off, he often fiddles with his leather gloves, pulling them up and down (Never revealing himself, of course) and he often reaches beneath his wrappings to scratch his neck and face when the necrotising tissue bothers him. Though less arrogant than most liches, Asarth has the haughtiness of an elf, and bears an aura of self-righteous superiority to go along with the muffled stench of his rot.


Even to those who know his true nature, Asarth Awrun is a mystery. He travels by whim, it seems, and wherever he goes, slow disease and death follow. Greybeards and scholars note that the mysterious Awrun seems to have particular interest in places where stories tell of long lost coastlines, islands, mountains and other disappeared locations. Perhaps this could be a clue to his identity. Or perhaps its not. Only Asarth truly knows.

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Comments ( 4 )
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January 27, 2003, 17:53
Nice description of him, but having his past and motivations would make him more useabl.

1) Another searcher for our Sword of Unattainable Glory perhaps?

2) Maybe he is sick of living and knows the key to his self-destruction could be in the same place that mass destruction happened in times past.
January 27, 2003, 17:59
I'm just not sure what I should do for his past. Use your imagination. Make somethin' up. Oh, and it has to have something to do with the sunken peninsula (See Unnatainable Glory Plot)
Voted valadaar
January 26, 2007, 15:46
Only voted
Voted Scrasamax
September 24, 2012, 11:19
Bringing forth an old spectre from the depths of the Citadel, a submission from 2003, when our standards were not as they are now. Also, one of the former members I would like to see return to the Citadel, if he is still out there, wandering somewhere.

The basic commentary on the submission would be a default link to Moonhunter's Gold standard guidelines, as Asarth is, we have a description and a vague motive and a hint of a goal.

This would be a worthy submission for being expanded on/rewritten for the Citadel at large, so long as it was done in the lofty Melnibonean/Lovecraftian style of the Good Penguin himself


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