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September 7, 2012, 11:08 pm

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Achturardack Sigils


The Achturardackians were pioneers of sigil based magic, and their techniques for building glyphs, sigils and seals remain the foundation of magic inscription.

Achturardack Sigils

The foundation of Achturardackian magic is the use of inscribed seals, that contain magic power and channel that power not through the living body, but through the living image of the sigil. This form of magic is quite powerful and the amount of power that can be channeled through inanimate matter is greater than flesh can hold. 

Sigil Magic

The core of sigil magic is the use of icons, living sigils or signs that are as much mathematical expression as they are pictographic expressions of concepts or ideas. A seal can contain a variable number of individual sigils, and the arrangement of the sigils can have drastic effects on the end product of the seal. The simplest seal is a single sigil enclosed by what the Achturardackians called the Ouroboros. The Ouroborus was a symbol of their God of Beginnings and endings as well as magic.


The Ouroboros is the simplest frame, and effectively 'closes' and completes a seal. All of the original Achturardackian seals were finished with the Ouroboros. There are other more advanced and varigated frames that can be used. The frames can alter the function of a completed seal by changing the meaning of the sigils that they enclose. Complicated seals can contain multiple sigils contained within their own frames, which are in turn enclosed in their own frames. This system can produce large and elaborate magical seals.

Known Sigils

Chath: the element of flame

Drostan: the element of metal

Khaliizi: the element of stone

Lorum: the element of wood

Nair: the element of water

Airoth: the element of air

Athiyk: the element of spirit, or life

Arshes: the element of thunder

Barra: the element of shadow

Shussun: the element of light

Elghal: the element of poison

Shir: the element of the mind

Gul: the element of death

Orrob: the element of insects and pests

Malar: the element of conflict

Maelthra: the element of power, or might

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