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October 14, 2014, 8:13 am

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30 Super-Villians


Major and minor villains,some can be used for other genres

THE CULT OF DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Mr.Murder- Black hooded and outfitted,ice pick killer/mastermind. Will enlist dumber villains for elaborate jobs. His only real motive is to drive up his body count.

2. Cat-Fight- Clawed femme fatale who is a master martial artist,weakness is cannot fight females well

3. Castle- Chess inspired mastermind who has the ability to switch places w/others. Can do this repeatedly causing you to hit your friends .

4. Pepper-Red haired, w/red jump suit,jet boots and a sawed off 8 gauge shotgun has killed more heros in her 45 years than any other villain. Still she does have a sexy southern drawl.

5. The Black Cat- Stupid name for a villain w/light powers,thinks he is in a comic book. Ex-hero.

6. War-Hawk- white racist who thinks he is saving the world for white people in his homo erotic red and white costume. Fights w/ metal claws.

7. Damiyo- Female samurai-type who has the power to hit you w/her katana,causing you to lose 95% of your health, rendering her out cold. Takes on the bricks.

8. Adonis- super high charisma,sexually unavoidable bi-sexual mastermind. just too charming to beat up!

9. The Mole- failed underground theme has led this villain to act as back-up for any group. He uses a morter and flying cameras to strike from a distance,master of evasion

10. Walter the rat- Cartoon mouse brought to life by a strange black magic ritual. This Joker like havoc maker can cause any ordinary object to materialize,usually large guns. Cannot be harmed

11. Black Belt- medium skilled martial artist who regains all his health 1 round after he is knocked out.

12. Jagger- German hunter who always scores critical hits w/ his 2 shot elephant rifle.

13. Tape Girl- Deranged side kick who goes from villain to villain. Wears skimpy tape costume. has minor ability to cut off breathing.

14. Capt. Blasto- Eye beams and twin .45's make this ex-hero a whirlwind of destruction,does not aim pistols ,so he's a threat to everything around him. Poperty damage a specialty.

more to come

Additional Ideas (1)

A couple I've used in the past...

Spectre uses his ability to merge with shadow and travel between shadows to get the drop on criminals, who he beats senseless. You might think he's a hero, and sure, he's helped a bunch of people. But he also takes their stuff, and isn't shy about using excessive force.

The Fury was drugged and they thought she was dead. They disposed of her body by putting her in the buildings incinerator. That's where she woke up. On Fire. She's criminally insane, usually failing to distinguish between friend and foe, and burns so hot it should have consumes her long ago. She doesn't talk; only howls in rage and pain and hate.

2014-01-27 07:43 PM » Link: [6100#90133|text]
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Comments ( 4 )
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November 7, 2010, 15:03

As it is right now, it is mostly a list of names and unbeatable superpowers. Not much use as it is. I would try giving each one a 2 or 3 paragraph backstory to say how he came to be that way and how he uses his powers. Try to include things about why he is that way. My players *love* to do an end-run on me and convert or otherwise neutralize my badguy. I think they like that even better than taking him down. You don't want that to be easy (unless it is part of a continuing scenario-arc), but if they discover that it is possible, they will try really hard to make it happen, with all kinds of roleplaying stuff going on, and everyone has fun.

Also, be sure that he is not too powerful. Of course, that depends on the power level of your players, but a samurai that removes 95% of a hero's health in one shot is pretty damn powerful. Or the rat that can not be harmed- arm him with a knitting needle and he'd eventually be able to kill anyone. Or the hunter with a powerful gun that always rolls criticals?

To my way of thinking, a villain should be 1) very hard to take down, 2) do enough damage to make the hero worry, and 3) have some weakness that can be discovered through roleplaying and/or research. In my experience, an unstoppable villain, or one with a blow-them-away attack will not be any fun for your gamers. They want a challenge, not an unstoppable tank or a Monty Python rinky-dink. 

February 23, 2012, 22:43

Lets bring this back.....

January 23, 2014, 14:15
I agree- we certainly could do something with this one.
October 14, 2014, 9:19
I'd put this one into Advice Requested and see what can be added!


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