The man with no name sent me to a dark world devoid of light and life. It was not until Grace was transported there that I knew this was no dream. We attempted a plane shift to no avail. We attempted to call our minions, but our prayers were unheard. We attempted magic but it was a magic less world and Agrea's power would not reach. Grace informed me of the events outside. The Lord of Lord of Khaos has blinked us to this place for our uncooperativeness towards the lord's will. He used a minion of Joy, a child, to attempt to convince Grace of the lord's good intent. He is of Primordial decent and has lived ages. His ability to transport us to limbo at will, his ability to defeat the Dragon queen Tiamat in her own realm in hell do not seem like bluffs. The man may very well be a god amongst gods and has the ability to blink all we know out of existence, yet he chooses to see us struggle and challenged my comrades as heroes.
The man demanded Raethese pledge his immortal soul or be stripped of his abilities. Raethese would kneel to his new lord. He would exchange one of his abilities and can now smite anything (except Khaos if I recall). The lord even made a comment as to letting Raethese remain a paladin and how it would be, "Poetic". He brought me back just in time to negotiate for our friend's freedom from limbo. The man said to have hundreds of them. Just how vast is his influence and how many of my comrades in arms have been sacrificed for this task??In exchange for Grace to be brought back we would pledge to fight the wicked dragon queen in her domain, and I would personally see to it Grace and myself not hold back the group from achieving this goal. The Lord of Khaos may very well join us for the battle when the time comes. His methods I would deem rude but for the sake of our friends in all realms I must comply with the Lord until we defeat the evil dragon queen.
   Once he seemed content that we would continue unimpeded by any moral standards he transformed into Grace. We would then head towards the area we thought to be the land of the elves. Upon our travels we encountered a centaur. The creature radiated no evil and our group would introduce ourselves as the gatherers of the legendary swords to which he did not believe. He asked if we were agents of khaos, he asked for proof of our claims, but he still thought our explanations were a ruse. Grace spoke in elven an then he seemed a bit more welcoming.
We would then be asked for a gift in order to be introduced to the elves properly. Gwydion's gift of a cloak of deflection was turned down. Elves treasure their magic, so I offered my rod of lesser quickening in hopes to befriend the elves and establish a greater foothold in Oceron. The centaur mentioned of a dragon in the mountains area, and we set off to defeat the evil. Perhaps a good start and a practice run at defeating the Dragon queen would be to defeat one if its lesser worshippers.
  We traveled until we were attacked by an aerial combatant. A half horse half eagle beast. If it weren't for Raethese's keen abilities he would have been snatched up and possibly eaten or dropped. It made attempts at attacking the group, but it was swiftly felled by our heroes Reginald and Raethese. Our nights were uneventful and short since we all wield the rings of sustenance. This makes for resting safely in the open areas an easier task now that we do not have the comforts of Agrea's tiny Hutt. We ventured further towards our goal when we came across the path of some giants...Once again my world grew dark...

May lady Agrea continue to help me guide my comrades in these times, for the sake of all that is rests in our divine journeys.
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