"Weeks of travel have gone by, it is only now that I have begun to record the story of the hunt for the swords of Oceron...I Krelldren Blessedgrip am accompanied by brothers and friends alike. Raethese, Hargon, Regginald, and Crane have been tasked with the utmost urgent and dangerous of quests. We must gather the swords of Oceron. The fate of all worlds is at hand. The lives of countless civilizations could be lost to the hands of evils cretins from amongst the planes. Our latest encounters have yet again led us to the presence of a deity, this time a goddess of magic and mystery Lady Katharia. As she asked us all to remember why we are here, and how we are to fulfil such great tasks, I ask myself about my goals as a divine agent of Agrea. I am similar to her minions yet not of their ranks. This great quest allows me to now traverse the realms like the minions do to fulfil honorable deeds. Perhaps my presence is the result of some great prayer once spoken. While I know my purpose and I am resolute, I still wonder at what's to come and if we can manage as we are. Is this the nature of magic and mystery? Perhaps our newly gained abilities will grant us an advantage over evil, or perhaps the evil too grows in strength. Either case we enter a dreadful time in our journey once again and I pray to her holiness lady Agrea to shelter whilst we continue our journey, thank yee and bless thee lady Agrea.."

* * *

Lord Kethel Rex and his beloved sister Lady Katharia stood before us on the night of the ziggurats breaching.The silver sarcophagus which held the Lord for so long lay opened.A Gith warrior general ,Sir Esgarth, would lie in waiting as well. The reunification of this family was finally done by our hands and a great deed has been fulfilled. Lord Kethel Rex noticed the ape men outside and with but a wave of his hands they all returned to their original shapes as Gith soldiers. They gathered and awaited the commands of their king. Her ladyship assessed us and asked our intentions and about our resolve. She would grant us each a wish and her brother would create items for our journeys. The particulars of the wishes stumped us as we could not altogether decide. Our needs in the physical world are very much tangible in nature.Lady Katharia reminded us to look within and look to the future. Crane would have his curse lifted, and the 2 minor inconveniences delt with.It was said that we could have delt with them easily ourselves at this point, since we have gained much in experience and strengths, and those enemies are beneath us now. Gathering as much information as possible from our divine guests we were apprised of a devious plot of multi planar consequences. There would be a system of portals used by evil entities needed to travel to far off distant planes, lands, and dimensions. Their evil reach could be growing to expand into all universes and planes, everything which we hold dear is at risk. Our hope is to knock out some of the gates and cut off the evils access to these nexus portals. A rod of cancellation was stated to be able to get the job done, but there would be many nexus points. Needless to say, that doing so will further attract the attention of said evils all amongst the planes. It was said that Zuriel was a good minion to follow, and also that Telemachus is deemed good amongst the minions. This fact still bewilders my comrades, and they are likely to be cautious in his presence. Curious as to what an encounter with him could yield, I will hold off on calling to him for now until we need his aid truly. We debated and struggled with our wishes, at least some of us did, and in the end an unforeseen outside force would interfere with the events of the wish somehow. Hargon spoke the words, " I wish all my comrades will use their wishes for advancement.". It was done, and Lady Katharia stated that another deity was watching and altered the wish possibly providing more advancement than anticipated. For what purpose or of what deity we could only guess it to be one that can harness the powers of luck. Lady Katharia chose not to comment on the name of this deity or power. The lady and lord Kethel Rex prepared their departure into the Astral realm through the silvery mist mirror on the top floor of the Ziggurat. The silver sarcophagus amongst us served as a great hidden tomb but before that and before the installation of the mirrors the ziggurat was a place dedicated to the 4 primary elemental planes. Before they parted ways, they warned of some dangers ahead and hinted that some of it would be neutral. We parted ways as they went into the astral plane realm. Lady Kathatia welcomed us to her new kingdom if we ever made it out alive. She even offered Raethese a chance to follow, but he declined. Katharias power is no longer in reach of this realm and so Raethese's patron deity is to now be Kor god of strength and courage. The yu-anti also are poisonous and can wield magic adeptly. The Yuan-ti also can swiftly traverse through the jungle unimpeded. Lastly, she offered a bit of advice when dealing with this goddess of Fate Destinada , it would be wise to not trifle with her as she has fate on her side, and not but a few gods can challenge her. She also reminded us that the Tower which holds the sword is blocked by a powerful ward that will deny us passage until we retrieve the ring from the lich. Lady Katharia and Lord Kethel Rex gracefully departed as our group said their final farewells, they moved through the silver mist portal along with their troops of Gyth soldiers. Curious if we ever get to travel to their plane to visit one day, mayhap they seek more habitable lands... All the more reason to continue our journey for if we fail no plane is safe. Our party moved towards the third tier of the ziggurat and allowed Crane to investigate further the writings that were indecipherable to us without arcane aid. We had previously acquired the help to open by means of minion assistance through Hargons power, but he was not present at the moment. Crane cast his Analyze spell and gained the means to open the entrances. Within the third tier of the ziggurat stood a man and a small number of memphits. The gentleman claimed that this was a meditation chamber and that he did not want violence. We parleyed a truce between our neutral minded friend and began to inquire about the ziggurat and this floors meaning. Jayce would be a servant placed here to guard this area by Ganzee a neutral god. This would be a meditation chamber dedicated to the plane of air, and the memphits are his friends and also guardians. Jayce expressed his desire to be released back to his homeland to be with his family. These beings have been locked away for an untold amount of time and we felt the need to grant them their dismissal. It would take time to prepare for this course of action, so we spent a day under the tutelage of the man Jayce. The idea was Cranes to inquire about the techniques of meditation for the night. The lesson was simple but hard to implement using a wandering mind. We sat in the center of the meditation chamber for hours. Our instructions were to think of one thing or thought and only one. When our minds wandered we were to focus on the thought , this was most hard for me as i have many thoughts and people I care for. I merely thought of family, yet the dangers that could be plagued my mind still. Perhaps it is my dwarven stubbornness that makes me impatient, my work is not yet done to be solely focused on one thought, but I tried. I instinctively refocused on a river, its constant flow in my imagination provides enough sound and movement to where I could focus sharply. And so i finished the session this way. Perhaps it was the river that calmed my mind better since I sometimes think of time a constant flowing river one with everything currents. Maybe given a few hundreds of years I could provide deeper insight into these concepts given more meditation. Once prepared with the spells needed to dismiss the guardians we initiated the process . Jayce would be the last to go back to his homeplane. He showed us a secret door that would lead to treasure. Perhaps as parting gifts. He mentioned also about the floors. There would be guardians below this tier but more of the violent type. Its a shame but we will have to deal with them properly, perhaps dismissals would work..he also spoke of the floor level where a statue of Ganzee would preside watching over us. Finally the presence of a medusa there would also be warned of, hopefully. I can be prepared to avert my gaze or be protected by magical means as the last time we encountered a medusa she turned Hargon and myself to stone. A most horrifying experience of wich I care not to relive. Jayce bid his farewells and suggested we seek him out should we ever venture to his world. I am glad we have made a friend once again instead of resorting to our usual violence. Perhaps we will meet them all once we are done with this crusade, once we clear a path for good to stop the madness breaching these interplanar gates. Once we collect the swords and free Saint Silarus perhaps we can rest. As for now we must use our newley developed enhanced abilities to deal with what's before us. I know that some of us crave for battle with this fiendish Lich but perhaps it would be best to test our mettle within this Zigguraut. I am not certain how strong these enemies ahead will be or what trials we wil face, but from what I gather the opposition will sooner or later perceive that we have breached the Zigguraut. With the danger within and the risks outside we must tread carefully and remain vigilant. I once again offer A blessing for us in the name Lady Agrea . May our friends venture together as gracefully as her kindness . bless yee all..

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