Once, in a meeting with some high-level government officials, Phillip was deprived of his spell components, which were in a bag of holding, and was left defenseless during an ambush. After that Phillip swore never to be left without his stuff again, and made this cup.

It is nothing more than a small plain wooden tumbler, made of cherry wood, careful sanded smooth and lovingly rubbed down with oil, nothing more then a mage's medicine cup. And this is what he uses it for, just his medicine - and whatever else he wants to try to fit in it.

Magical Properties:

The cup itself has 4 extra dimensional pockets that can all be accessed and all hold different things. The first, and most obvious pocket is the inside of the cup. When you fill the cup it only fills up to the rim of the cup, it will never spill, even when it is tipped upside-down. The only way to take something out is by drinking it or speaking a command word to make it all drain out. The space can hold up to 3 gallons of liquid, and will keep the cup full until the space is empty. Two of the others are placed on the bottom of the cup, and each can hold up to 3 cubic feet of material inside, but whatever is placed inside must be smaller then 4 inches on one end. These each have a command word to open them, and if you speak what item you want when you say the command word, it will be the first thing you get out of the space. The last one is overtop of the first, and will act just like the first, allowing for two liquids to be held separately, and drunk separately or mixed together.

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