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September 26, 2008, 12:29 am

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Willamette - Border


"Cold beer and scantily clad dancing girls all surrounded by glass. Does it get any better?"
Rogers, Episode 2, 8, 12, and 13 of Into The Black.

A Firefly World

Willamette has a diverse landscape over its record setting 18 continents. When most people think of Willamette, they think of tall, dense, forests that stretch along the ample coasts of said continents. Once you are away from the coast, it is mostly semi-arid scrublands, prairies, and deserts that cover everything except the higher elevations, where sparser pine forests lay.

There are two moons here. There used to be three, but the terraformes nuked the other one for additional planetary mass. The remaining two (Cal and Duc) are pretty small as these go and don’t effects the tides overmuch. This gives it a touch of tide and some weather motion, without too much motion. There is practically no axial tilt, there is minimal seasonal change. Since Willamette is a bit on the cold side of the lifeband, there is minimal weather and none of it very powerful.

There is a lot of nothing on Willamette. It is a border world astrologically speaking. However, it is not as developed as most border worlds.  Little towns dot the coasts. They do a little of this and a little of that. There is no specialty or advantage on Willamette.

Yet, things do stick out.

There seems to be an overabundance of pretty girls on this planet. Nobody knows why, maybe it is something in the water.

Bardstown has its own Bards Theater (and a couple of others) and more thespians than sense. There are plays there just about every day or night, weather permitting. For two weeks a year, there is even a festival to kick off their new season. This low tech center of live stage acting actually broadcasts out via wave. This is the main draw to Bardstown, so the show always goes on.

There are more microbreweries here than there are horses, and there are a lot of horses. Every town seems to have one, some have a couple. Every region seems to have one Distillery to call its own.

The Gayson Distillery in Tiller, despite its name, puts out some of the finest beer in this areas of space. The Distillerys other products: Whisky, Rum, and Ducksauce, are highly acclaimed by some, and panned by others. They are quite the acquired taste.

Mortons Distillery puts out all the planets fuel ethenol, not that there are a lot of engines out here.

There are actually more strip clubs on this planet per person than on LaVenda. Girls behind glass walls are a common sight on this planet. Even respectable places have scantily clad girls. Those places that dont completely trust their patrons (which are most), keep their girls on a stage behind thick glass windows.

Timber and Charcoal are two industries here that seem to be thriving. The Sawmills are everywhere along the rivers. The carpenters are quite the craftsmen here, making furniture and things that are sold all around The Alliance.

Did we mention the Black Glass Works in Klamath by The River? It does a lot of business, and ships a lot off world.

Shorthands for this world: Quirky, Small Scale, Nutty Locals.

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