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December 3, 2005, 12:33 pm

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Wild Ones


There was once a tribe of humans that was referred to as “the Wild Ones.” They were humans who were linked to the wild natural world, having animal characteristics.

There was once a tribe of humans that was referred to as “the Wild Ones.” The Wild Ones evidently had a peculiar link to the natural world around them; each person born in the tribe had an affinity for a particular type of animal. This went far beyond “spirit animals” of other tribes. The Wild Ones took on some of the physical characteristics and temperments of the animals. It was also said that the Wild Ones could speak with them. Of course, this is now dismissed as legend and myth, for the tribe of the Wild Ones was lost generations ago.

The Wild Ones differ mainly from the “spirit animal” concept in that the affinity is inborn, and as I understand it, spirit animals are actively sought and interacted with.  Also, those who are born as Wild Ones (through genetic inheritence) usually have at least one animalistic feature about them, relating to their affinity.  The Wild Ones are intended to be a subrace, at most an add on to an existing race. 

Restriction: a Wild One must be at least half-human, and may only pick one affinity.  (All of course subject to GM approval.)

Additional Information
Right now, I have two affinities.  Cat and wolf.

I need more affinities, following that format if it’s not too much trouble.  Special or improved abilities, possibly including some innate skill or talent, typical personalities, advantages or favorable adaptations, and animalistic features.  Also anything else to do with this group of people that you thing it needs.

Additional Ideas (6)

The Wolf affinity is associated with being fast, powerful or strong, improved hearing, excellent sense of smell, and an innate talent for tracking. Those with this affinity tend to be loners, but some are not. They are also very adept at surviving in the wilderness. Animalistic features include pointed ears, fur or thick, coarse hair, a tail, claws, fangs, or an enlongated, vaguely snout or muzzle-like face. Wolf Wild Ones may also be born blind, as with Cats.

2005-12-03 12:30 PM » Link: [1890#8976|text]
The Cat affinity is associated with being very quick and agile, having an excellent sense of balance, good night vision, a talent for moving silently, and a knack for getting into and out of dangerous situations in unlikely ways (which may or may not be a manifestation of having 9 lives.) Those with this affinity tend to fear, or at least dislike dogs strongly, dislike being wet, and are usually seen as being aloof, overly independent, and given to wandering. Many also have seemingly endless patience when waiting for something. Animalistic features associated with this include cat's eyes, pointed ears, retractable nails, or a tail. Cat Wild Ones may also be born blind, with their sight gradually developing over the first few weeks of life.

2005-12-03 12:30 PM » Link: [1890#8977|text]
The Bear affinity is associated with strength and endurance. Many with this affinity are notably larger than ordinary humans and their posture implies a relaxed sense of their own might. Generaly warm and jolly people unless irrated in which case they become wildly volitile. Bear affinity people are often able to continue acting after sustaining injuries which would make others pass into unconciousness and their constitution bonus can be added to -10 death limit to make them even harder to kill. However once hit-points sink beneath a certain level they fall into a bloodthirsty rage and can be quite implacable.

2005-12-03 12:30 PM » Link: [1890#8978|text]
Owl: The affinity implies wisdom, stealth, and prowess at night. Those who have this affinity have larger eyes and odd hair, usually fluffed up at the sides. They have excellent night vision and hearing. They also have a knack for stealth. Mentally, they seem to be contemplative and wise. That is a biproduct of being mostly nocternal. They have lots of time just to sit around and "think" while most people are asleep.

2005-12-03 12:31 PM » Link: [1890#8979|text]
Snake Affinity:
This is an affinity that is most commonly associated with stealth,patience and lethal strikes that never fail to slay foes. The ones that carry the Serpent touch areususally sinewy and smaller than those that are endowed with other affinities. They are also born deaf. Yes,deaf. They are unable to hear at all. But they more than make up for this handicap with their uncanny ability to detect the tiniest vibrations that disturb the air,a gift that makes sneaking up on them nigh impossible. And their movements are truly quick and deadly,never failing to hit a foe in his most vital regions. Moving their hands and legs faster than the human eye can see,a Snake will take down two or three foes with ease in the space of a just few moments. On the negative side,their nervous and easily unsettled temprement makes them highy difficult to get along or work with. Snakse are also very suspicious and as a rule,do not trust easily.

2005-12-03 12:32 PM » Link: [1890#8981|text]
Those of the Falcon totems are small wirey people, with lightning reflexes and exceptional distance vision. They seem distant, like they want to be somewhere else. That is true, they want to fly... but can not. They will haunt high and windswept places. However, they are not a peaceful morose type. They do not like to be distrubed. They are aggressive, quick to anger and respond. However, they are just as quick to forgive and forget. While most Wild Ones are known to be poor in the magic department, Falcons (like most bird totems) have an affinity for air magics.

There greatest strength is unrealized in most times. Once the secrets of gliding and flight are discovered, they become excellent pilots (major pluses to flight). However, this can be dangerous, as they become nearly addicted to the experience and will do almost anything to fly.

2006-06-08 11:12 AM » Link: [1890#16278|text]
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Comments ( 6 )
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December 3, 2005, 12:31
Basically they are a WereWolves or Theriothrope tribe with multiple avatars. They have the genetic disposition to have a second spirit, an animal spirit, which is bounded to their human soul. This second spirit gives them the strengths and weaknesses associated with their avatar.
Voted Mourngrymn
January 12, 2006, 12:53
A nice take on folklore of shape changers. Tribal histories tell of special people who could transform into their totem either at wil or in times of great need. Like a spirit totem. This is a less dramatic effect than that but very similar in concept.
Voted Arminas
February 24, 2006, 23:04
Because I REALLY like this idea and I think it deserves more points ^_^
Voted valadaar
December 8, 2006, 15:07
An interesting submission that appears to have been largely overlooked.
Voted Chaosmark
December 8, 2006, 20:50
Only voted
Voted Moonlake
March 22, 2016, 23:04
Never much of a fan for shapeshifters but this is a good utility sub, pity people didn't submit more varieties.


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